Teach English in Hutang Zhen - Changzhou Shi

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Second language learning has always created problems. If it is not similar with linguistic family of your mother tongue, there can be more and more problems. With these difficulties, one has to manage these problems. Difficulties and problems will always be there. The important thing is your effort. These problems can differ from country to country. But in this article, we will focus on problems in Turkey. In Turkey, there are various factors that can become problem such as parents, student’s interest, education system. Turkey’s education system is a little bit weird. There have been many changes so far. These changes cause problems for students, parents and teachers. Indeed, as a teacher, our main objective is to teach students to maintain their lives while they are working and in their whole life. First analyze students’ interest and thoughts about English. Most of them think that English won’t be useful in their life. They are hardliners. They think that, if you don’t study a subject about English in university, there is no need for it. They only want to learn it for their exam which they will take when they finish secondary school. This exam is to get high school they wish. The English questions in this exam are really easy. So they can do them with a little effort. And the other exam they take is university exam. If they don’t choose to study on English, they don’t even get an English test. So these two exams make students careless to English. As a teacher, we must change their attitude towards English. Whatever they do as a job, they need English. They must be aware of that. If you are a doctor, you must know English well to understand what is going on around the world. Secondly, parents are really round character of their children. Most of them think that teacher must do everything. However; they cannot realize that without their help teacher can do nothing. Parents must understand that their children do some extra work at home about English. These extra works can be reading books, watching movies or TV series. They can even listen to the music. Some of the parents do not know how to speak English. But they can get help from other people who know English. As our education system changes often, this also makes parents get confused. To certain age, English for their children is very important. But when it comes to exams that mentioned before, parents don’t care how perfect their children learn English. Parents also think that the most important thing is to pass the exam. They think their children can be successful without the knowledge of English in their job career. If we question why our students cannot learn English as good as Math, we need to question our education system. When we analyze the course books, we can see that there are lots of grammar subjects which are not so necessary to learn. Our main object according to the course books is teaching grammar. The correct usage is very important of course. But to communicate how much grammar do we need? We need that perfect English in formal environment. While choosing books, people who choose them look at the grammar point. It is the best way to teach grammar in context. Without context, students cannot understand the accurate usage of the language. It is same with other language. Which language you want to learn, you must learn the structures within the context. Our system overlooks this crucial matter. We all want our students to speak English as if it was their mother tongue, but we insist on grammar rules and structures without making any sense. In conclusion, to change the attitude towards English, first we must change our thoughts and understandings. Parents must leave teaching issue to teacher. Students must understand the importance of learning English. And system, after vital correction, must be permanent. As a teacher, we have to make our students understand that, the universal language is English and to be aware of global issues we must know it well. To know give importance to English begins at home, continues with teachers at school and is supported with by education system. Combining these three factors give us perfect results in English learning.