Teach English in Niutang Zhen - Changzhou Shi

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Keeping students motivated is important, for student motivation determines the class dynamic and can cause course successfulness to be unreachable. If students are unmotivated or uninterested, whether the class subject is important or not the lesson may never reach the students in an effective way. One way to keep students motivated is to include games and engaging activities during each class period. Involving a game is more effective for student learning and engagement because it has all student participation and brings fun into the classroom. If the students have to listen to a long lecture in a monotone voice for thirty minutes they may lose interest easily but if a game is played involving the same lesson material students will be more apt to learn and retain what they learned in class that day. Bringing excitement such as games into the classroom also motivates students for the next lesson because they expect it to be more fun and engaging instead of thinking of class as a chore they have to get through. Another way to motivate students is too choose class material that sparks interest for the students. For example, if your students are mostly young males choosing an article to read over sports may be more interesting and draw the reader in then an article about shopping. Providing topics that are relevant and interesting to the students will better motivate them to pay attention and to be more involved in the lesson. Another way to keep students motivated is to teach at an appropriate speed and appropriate level that go along with the learning capabilities of the students. If teaching at a slower pace with very easy terminology and activities the students may become bored with the class because it does not challenge their knowledge, but if the class is very fast paced and complicated the students may lose their confidence and become frustrated with the class and themselves. Finding an appropriate pace and level for a specific group of students is important because it keeps them motivated to learn more but not be put down by the struggles of a complicated course or be turned away by an unchallenging class. Another way to motivate students is to create a safe classroom dynamic. If students attend a classroom where the teacher is overly strict and does not connect well with the students it may cause the students to be unmotivated in their studies because they do not feel comfortable in class overall. If the teacher is loving and understanding it would motivate students to feel safe to ask questions or be more involved in class activities because they know that they are in a safe environment and can talk freely about class material without any judgement. In conclusion, keeping students motivated during class may be achieved by involving fun games, choosing interesting topics the students would enjoy, teaching at an appropriate speed and level and making an effort for a good relationship with your students may help keep them motivated in class. It may be difficult to maintain but in the end it would be well worth it for students to have enjoyed the class and be impacted by the teaching.