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How can English influence a student's future career? Speaking of career, I would like to indicate that, if a person desires to achieve huge achievements at different stages in the career path, he or she must accomplish three things: discovering your true value and interests to set a clear goal, cultivating advanced and new skills to catch up with the industry changes, and developing a “personal brand” to become irreplaceable. No matter what job, what position, or what industry you are working for, once you have completed those steps, you would be gaining a great fortune from your career. To discover the real relation between speaking English and flourishing in your future career, I have to mention that developing a new language skill has become a must-have skill to acquire career leaps at work, especially in China. First of all, let’s have a look at career future in China, “BEIJING — The Chinese government’s latest efforts to make it easier for foreign businesses to operate locally come as China’s own companies seek to be global players.”1, (China’s moves to boost foreign business also help Chinese companies, by Evelyn Cheng, CNBC, 2019). To grow a business globally, a wise entrepreneur will definitely obtain an advanced language skill, including speaking your business partner’s language and understanding their cultures. Certainly, this kind of entrepreneurs will rapidly establish a strong and compatible team with people who have possessed this communication skills for further healthy growth of the business. For example, within a new international team, if you are a marketing manager, you will need to manage all the marketing campaigns with your new business partner who speaks English, develop new marketing strategies with your new boss who speaks English, foresee your company’s marketing budget with your new finance manager who speaks English; thus, without advanced English speaking skills, you won’t understand what they say, you won’t be able to read the English version contracts and reports, and you can’t even express your own thoughts in any of those meetings. The only thing you might be doing is sitting at a corner of the meeting room and looking at the rest of the team confidently giving presentations or reporting their achievements to the big boss. Furthermore, at the end of the year, promotion, annual bonuses, or new opportunities to work in the headquarters will walk right past your little office cubicle. How embarrassing it is! Why would that happen? Let’s think of the reasons. Firstly, every single boss loves to keep people who can create more value for the company. As a business expanding globally, speaking English fluently has to be a basic skill for everyone who wants keep their job in one of the top 500 companies. Secondly, for international businesses, product demonstration, marketing strategies, campaigns, business partnership, etc., all need us to well communicate and exchange opinions in English; then you can negotiate and close the deals. Thirdly, speaking the common language in business can show your respect and raise respect from the counterpart. The second point to explain the relation between your career and speaking English is that personal development will show you a bigger and better world. That’s because working on your self-development is another essential way to achieve professional development. “I recommend 30 minutes a day of reading and/or listening to a video or a podcast on a business topic. Over time, this is extremely valuable, as leaders will learn new perspectives and broaden their worldview. - Natalie Doyle Oldfied, Success Through Trust Inc.” 2 (Nine Personal Development Techniques Worth Your Time, by Expert Panel, Forbes Coaches Council, 2019). This little tip from Forbes expert panel has pointed out that self-development accomplishment plays a significantly important role in your future career. Globalization is at its rapid pace, and as a CEO or an employee, everyone who desires to grow brightly in his/her career will have to recognize their weakness and improve their strengths; more importantly, to broaden their horizon. Therefore, learning English-the international business language- will allow you to discover the international market trends, to obtain the advanced marketing strategies, and to study modern consumers behaviors globally. The specific knowledge that helps you thrive in your career can be learnt in English. Once you can read those famous business books in English, such as “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing,” by Al Ries and Jack Trout, “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, or “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, etc. You will gain the real content of the knowledge rather than the translated meanings. By using the real marketing practices, you will stand out in the enormous international competition. To sum up, English is a communication tool, and once you can understand it, use it and control it, you will gain outstanding achievements in your career. Reference: 1. China’s moves to boost foreign business also help Chinese companies, by Evelyn Cheng, PUBLISHED MON, OCT 28 2019,10:08 PM, EDT UPDATED TUE, OCT 29 2019, 10:10 PM EDT, 2. Nine Personal Development Techniques Worth Your Time , by Expert Panel, Forbes Coaches Council, Aug 30 2019, 08:15 am,