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Name- Naz Nikpeyma Course task – ITTT summative task No. 98 Date- February 2nd ,2020 English as an influencing factor on student’s career In today’s globalized and competitive world having knowledge of another language as a second or third language other than your mother tongue sure adds to numerous career opportunities and career advancements. There are only few languages that have significant large numbers of speakers in globe together with been accorded the status of first /second/ third official language in many countries. In such a case, English language sure comes to the mind which is widely spoken in the world from the corridors of world trade & commerce-to- higher education & research sector with cutting edge research & development leading into various innovations, discoveries and inventions. To start with in any career the first step is getting a good and high quality education in the said career field which nowadays highly depends on the choice of education institution chosen based on their global international rankings on terms of teaching faculties, teaching infrastructures and R&D (technology and innovation parameter). But on basis of individual factor one of them is –language of teaching/ studies and work nature of career i.e. regional or international, highly makes language an important key factor. Like many career fields specially for the professional ones (medical, law, finance, marketing, banking, trade, scientific R&D, teaching skills) and technical ones (engineering’s subtype – mech., telecom., information technology- cyber technology to cyber securities) does require having good knowledge and command of English language as these above fields are international in work nature with inter-or-intra collaboration of many organizations, nations and unions of nations. Hence interested future students should understand the need of learning English language or improving their English language level as it will be their stepping stones to an education journey with various opportunities to study in leading global universities and their choice of subject studies which are mostly in English language. For e.g.- In medical research sector for advancement of improving quality of care and providing cure for many epidemics/ pandemics diseases like- HIV-virus or currently Corona-virus etc. preventative vaccination/ medicines development we see global medical know how (knowledge) sharing and scientific laboratory research under the guidance of WHO (World Health Organization) collectively by different countries medical professionals and medical organizations in various leading medical research universities and institutions which can only be possible as the communication language is English mostly. On global scale communication within medical fraternity internationally is English oriented. On other hand taking look at trade and commerce career like - banking and investment sectors we can see that English is used as never before, all major financial cities hubs around the world provide services in English even the back end management like international custom process (import, export, taxation) is in English or translated into English for general working purpose. Plus physical trade import & export of goods work on FTA (Free Trade Agreements) signed in English or assisted with English language translation because at WTO (World Trade Organization) one of the official widely use language is English to settle trade disputes via law suits settlements, hence again raising importance of knowing English language for career in international relations (financial, trade, marketing) or practising international law for FTA arbitrations. Lastly in digital age we see IT sector the communication in working area-to-back end task like- application development; language of software development python/java etc; all digital software coding and framework is English oriented, generally the go to go language of IT business is also English in most of the global Tech companies. Most IT specialist at least requires intermediate English knowledge for starting career in IT or getting job opportunities together with good IT skills in international domain or field work/projects. In conclusion taking everything into consideration, earlier the students/ young learners will start learning and practising English language, therefore they will be able to persuade better results in their future careers and working proficiencies with high productivity. English language plays a significant role in career selection to career progression. Knowing English language gives an extra edge in getting good job opportunities within non-English speaking countries as expat or within own country as internationally skilled professional.