Teach English in Bailutang Zhen - Chenzhou Shi

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Some may conclude that the correct usage of the English grammar only matter to teachers and have no real relevance in day to day life. We have to conclude that this is incorrect because grammar, disregarding the country or the language, is the infrastructure of communication. For instance, in the simplest of examples, when a message is delivered with the correct usage of grammar, it is much more understandable and precise to comprehend the intent and meaning of that message. In order to have a beneficial and enjoyable time communicating, the learner must know the proper usage of the grammar of that language they seek to use. It is essential in the free world to have the ability to express oneself, but this does not come easy for everyone or for every topic. Therefore, the importance of mastering a language for this very purpose, towards progression in civilization, become evident and necessary. A great deal of conflict one faces in their lifetime seem to include an error or deficiency within communication. It shows again that the mastery of language is also a mastering of communication, for one's own benefit and for the benefit of those whom we interact with. Now, writing properly is even more paramount. The proper use of grammar is essential in the professional world and in conflict resolution. Writing that is poorly punctuated and consists of errors is laborious to read and can become impossible to comprehend. In linguistics, grammar is the arranged structural order which influence the configuration of clauses, phrases, and words in any given language. It is the methodical study and description of a language, and it aids us to understand how words and their component segments combine to fashion sentences. Grammar rules can aid learners to cultivate the habit of thinking reasonably and distinctly. Without the proper use of grammar and its structures, precise communication is impossible. Proper usage of grammar keeps one from being unintelligible while conveying thoughts and ideas. Proper usage of grammar organize the mind towards the skill of expressing ideas with little to no difficulty. This results in the ability to speak, read, and write fluently. Someone who has poor usage of grammar can make a negative impression. As intelligent sentient beings, we are able to cultivate this mastery of fluency and these are marks of progress. Further, writing and speaking correctly gives an appearance of credibility that may also foster comfort from those you are communicating with. It is unfortunate that although in the midst of the development of social networking and technology, many have become incapable of using proper grammar in day to day communicating. Some of the ways we are able to improve grammar is by consciously listening to others who use the english language well. Often, films and television shows are written in proper grammar. Lastly, to cultivate a mastery of language, one must read a lot. It not only improves grammar, it also improves vocabulary. The knowledge attained from this can indeed transfer into one's writing as well.