Teach English in Chuqin Liangzhongchang - Chenzhou Shi

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Teaching can be defined as the action of a person imparting skills or knowledge, giving instructions, the job which requires teaching, the profession of a great responsibility and specific character. The teacher is not only the person who gives knowledge but can be a model of competence. The role of the teacher is significant as they teach more than lessons in a book, try to teach how to think and how to choose the right above the wrong, to differentiate deeper things than peoples' outlook. The teacher is a manager of creating a special atmosphere at the classroom conductive to learning, this person guides to the sooth of the difficulties. Everyone has various attitudes toward this profession. Considering doctors who are responsible for our health, it goes without saying that teachers play inevitable role in the future of our society. Firstly, this personality is to undergo a comprehensive training in the subject, to launch someting new, invaluable. Secondly, the requirements, modern life convenience, technologies, the net-educated generation demand great skills, hard, persistent work. As every profession has pros and cons, teaching isn't an exception. These ideas suggest that to be effective teachers must inqure into students' experience and build an empirical understanding of learners, capacity to analyze what occurs in the classroom and in the lives of students. Thirdly, teachers should manage a classroom environment. Therefore, teachers are environmental engineers who organize the classroom space to fit their goals and to reach for their best. Teachers are sensitive observers of human behaviour. We should be prepared to assist students with inquiries, problems, to work with colleagues in making the studying environment and the school experience as supportive as possible. Seeing obstacles through students' eyes, possessing many positive traits of character, being sincere, honest, without hiding within a role, not being afraid of showing weak points, not always being austere and at the same time familiar. As the consequence of such attitude: disrespect and fear. In general, teachers should contain special, personal, professional peculiarities. Teachers are required to manage and process great amounts of clerical work. There are some pieces of paper to read and graded tests to be scored, marks to be entered, notes, syllabus and letters to be written. Nevertheless, they should possess good human relation skills, be prepared to communicate and work with these sometimes unplesant circumstances. These interactions both pleasant and not will benefit from a deep understanding of people and their behaviours. Motivations, hopes prejudices and desires are above all will affect the ability to relate to others. To carry out the process of studying effectively, a teacher should have a high degree of theoretical knowledge and be able to apply to the reality of the classroom. Relying on quick thinking, hunches and related experience in making the most appropriate decisions they should use their storehouse of skills and hunches to guide actions. Teacher is an acthitect, she takes great efforts in order to create a masterpiece, to develop confidence, high expectations, areas of interest, helps to be prepared to real life, to be aware of problems and be ready to cope with them. Teachers are enlighters of students'soul, they have a great influence on students’ conviction, values, knowledge. Actually, teacher’s aim isn’t considered in manipulating or transforming a child into the model of absorbing, the main essence of work is to strive for having their own point of view. Essentially, teachers should be effective planners, observers and managers. The teacher opens the door to something new, brings light to the end of the tunnel, which directs at essential values and significant verities of life. Every child is a 'Tabula rasa' and teachers are great authors, who impart, instill knowledge. New standards, values, manners having such a great effect on their feelings, students can be confused and don't know how to react, notwithstanding all the recollected above, teachers should go hand in hand with time and not impose any of the specimen. A good workman is known by his chips and a teacher by work and the results of students. Teaching is a vocation but not a simple job which is provided those who are in it with tremendous information and encouragement for searching something new, important, incredible.