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Should a parent learn English too? Such an important question, with many benefits as to why a parent should learn english as a second language especially if they plan to have children. A parent knows the advantages of learning and speaking english in this constant evolving global world. If a parent speaks english at home, it will significantly help with early exposure when a child first starts to talk. People are a product of their environment, and children mimic what they hear. The more a parent speaks in two languages, the more natural it will feel and sound to a child. When a parent speaks english, it will create many more benefits for their child and their future. Early exposure of a second language is the best time to introduce when a child is first trying to talk. They are able to pick up the two different languages at a very fast rate. Children quickly absorb what they hear which is very important when it comes from a parent who is capable of speaking english to them regularly. . The earlier a child is exposed to two languages, the better it is for them and the easier it will be. It is said to be important that one parent is consistent with the native language while the other parent speaks the learning second language, being english. This will help differentiate between the two languages in the home and a better understanding of the english being the second language. Children are a product of their environment, which means they will try to do and say what ever mom or dad is doing or saying. When a child is exposed to hearing english conversations at home on a daily basis, they will pick up some sounds and the natural accent and pronunciation of the english language. This will help with better understanding of phrases. When a parent speaks english and the child starts to potentially learn english at school, the child will greatly benefit with a parent who understands and speaks that language. Finding a babysitter that can speak english is also a smart choice for additional exposure for the child in hearing and using english when ever possible. The more english is spoken around them, the more natural a child will start to think in english and use that language more comfortably. When the parents practice this in the home daily, the child will eventually start to do the same. Parents are extremely aware of the benefits of more than one language in this diverse global world. People who learn a second language are known to have sharper brains as well as be more creative thinkers. These are all positive benefits to the parent as well as what they are exposing their child to. Providing this advantage to a child will bring many more opportunities through the school system and for their future when seeking a career. This will also allow for work in other countries where they speak english. It expands the areas and locations for jobs when you can speak more than one language, and english is vastly known worldwide. . Having a parent speak english offers a child much earlier exposure to the english language that will greatly benefit their lives and their future in so many ways. As any parent, you want to do what is best for your child and help them in any possible way. Speaking english enhances your life as a parent , along with helping your child speak english to create a better future of endless opportunities.