Teach English in Guiyang Chachang - Chenzhou Shi

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Every profession in this world needs skills to be able to execute the job very well. A doctor, nurse, carpenter and so on need all the necessary skills to be able to delivery their services to their customers. The same thing apply to all teachers. In order for a teacher to create a very positive learning environment, he or she should be skilled at communication, classroom management , appropriate disciplined techniques and so on. There are many skills that a good teacher should have but will concentrate on few of them. Communication is one of the most important skills that a good teacher should have. There cannot be a teacher and students in the classroom without communication. Teachers have to talk or communicate whether verbal or non verbal to their students and students have to do same for an effective classroom. A good communication skilled teacher helps their students to build their confidence in learning since they will understand what is expected of them. It also help students to feel comfortable in the classroom since the teacher has been able to communicate or explain clearly all the instructions and learning materials for the students to get proper understanding. Good communication skill will help teachers to correct or discipline their students whether verbal or non verbal in order not to put fear in them. Teachers can establish good rapport with their students when they have good communication skill and this will give effective interaction in class. One cannot be a teacher without being patient and kind.Every teacher should be patient especially when teaching lower class or younger students. Students have different type of culture, training and behavior where by teachers need to be patient in order to be able to handle them without any verbal abuse or intimidation. Teachers shouldn't concentrate only on good students but need to be patient with weaker students. They should be able to create a conducive environment for Learning and also managing the class by positioning students appropriately in a group. A teacher can be able to achieve this by planning very well. Thus knowing or having the subject knowledge, teaching materials, and also students’ strength and weakness. Every teacher should have the sense of flixibility and friendliness. Any teacher who force their students to learn by disciplining them end up having students who don't show interest in the subject. Students always love to have teachers who are lively or friendly and above all understand them. This helps them have fun whiles learning and also creates a positive environment. It's always good to team with your students during fun activities so as to bring a bond between the teacher and the students and also the students. Last but not the least, it is very important to have the passion for teaching before one can become a teacher. This helps the teacher to learn more about the job to prove his or her teaching ability. Teachers should always remember they are role model for student which they have to maintain a positive attitude for students to look up to. Thus teachers attitude will one way or the other reflect in their students life so there is the need to e mindful of it. Teacher should be able to help and encourage student so that they are well equipped to face any challenges in class and life as a whole. Every teacher should have all these skill to become an effective teacher for his or her students.