Teach English in Changan Zhen - Dandong Shi

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I learned that writing is the most neglected skill in the TEFL world and is often downgraded to homework. It is a fact that students nowadays prefer to focus on their speaking rather than writing skills. And writing is the most difficult skill to master for it require accuracy. While speaking on the other hand, require fluency. The teacher must create the need an desire in the students to communicate. I also learned accuracy which is based on its correct language and fluency activities based on allowing students to discover and be creative with language but both are equally important. I learned in speaking activity part that you should decide on your target or objectives before hand. Be able to know what to do and why, predict what the students will be and what they want to talk about, be sensitive about the time with them, prepare the necessary materials and work out your instructions. When during the activity, arouse the students interest through visuals, current events, or even news paper headlines. also, do more role-playing, monitor the activity and do not interrupt except to provide help and to encourage, evaluate the activity and give corrections or feedback after the activity has finished. Finally, in writing skills it is very much personal issue so poor handwriting should be improved. In spelling, through extensive reading the students will improve.