Teach English in Dongtang Zhen - Dandong Shi

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That was the second part of skills-based lesson Units. I think it is very important to remember that the productive focused lesson should carry both, accuracy and fluency, with equal importance. Another useful information was about different types of activities: controlled, guided and these including communication. Additionally it is crucial to remember which are controlled by the teacher, and which are not that structured. From my experience, very often the students are shy to communicate with each others. That is why I have found very interesting the list of possible ways to encourage students' interraction and also the guidelines to practise fluency of english. In the second part there were pointed factors which are essential in practising writing skills. A brief description of every factor, with the explanation how the teacher should help students to encourage each one is basic to teach effectively. The last part includes some information about games in the classroom which I can use to add some fun to the lesson (but controlled by the teacher of course).