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Classroom is the main position of teachers, and improving teachers' confidence in class is the key to improve teachers' quality.The teacher with strong control ability enters the classroom with great general demeanor, ready for success, and full of confidence. In the face of complex and changeable classes, he can command and dispatch with ease.Can firmly attract the attention of students, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students.Excellent completion of education and teaching tasks.However, teachers who are not confident often show some shortcomings in class, such as low confidence, low mood, disordered teaching links, lack of systematicness, poor strain capacity, and inability to mobilize students' enthusiasm for participation.It can be said that teachers' classroom confidence is the key to the success of classroom teaching.So how to quickly improve the confidence of young teachers in the classroom? Firstly, the concept and analysis of self-confidence and professional self-confidence of teachers ①The so-called self-confidence, is to believe that their ideals can be achieved a psychological state. ②The teacher's professional confidence, is the teacher in the education teaching behavior, they believe that since they do the teacher this lofty occupation, it will be able to become the children in the pioneers, become a good teacher in the minds of students, become you learn and admire the name of the teacher.Always keep calm and modest training of the psychological state, follow the law of education, with deep teachers and a high sense of responsibility and dedication. ③In real life, some people think that self-confidence belongs to pride, so self-confidence is not good.But today, we think: self-confidence is a positive side, we in study or career climbing, always want to cross the steep mountains, across the vast sea, so self-confidence is climbing the ladder, crossing the water boat.People, only self-confidence, to constantly strive for their own ideals.Only self-confidence, in order to make people in the hard business to keep the faith to win, to make people have the courage to move forward.People, if the lack of self-confidence, will make people to their own good ideal to give up for, will make people dizzy, mediocre.People, if the lack of confidence to do a career.The ship on the way to success will run aground on the beach, and will never be able to lift the great ship of success.In real life, self-confidence is the god of power, it can make the weak strong, strong become stronger.For example, Madame Curie, the discoverer of radium, had been wearing dusty and greasy overalls to look for traces of radium from mountains of uranium, but he was confident.After her success, she said to her friend, "no matter what we do, we should have perseverance, especially self-confidence."Thus, there are many factors that contribute to success in business, but self-confidence is an essential characteristic of success.The foundation of self-confidence should be a knowledgeable and scientific attitude.Teachers are not afraid to expose their own stupidity, dare to face their own shortcomings, is the performance of strong confidence, the hope of success is starting from here. Confidence in the teaching profession -- this is not only the trust in their own ability, but also the firm belief in their pursuit of the goal.Confident people understand that "my gift is to do something.It must be done, no matter what the cost."Relying on such a strong pillar, you can bravely face it, give full play to each potential, and sail the boats of lovely ignorance to the other side of success in your career and life in the process of happy learning, trial, experience, comprehension and exploration. Second, actively participate in, overcome the psychological barriers, build self-confidence In the teaching career of teachers, it is very important for teachers to learn and communicate with each other.Through communication activities such as listening to lectures, watching, discussion, demonstration teaching skills, teaching experience, exhibit foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, strives for perfection, improve the teaching level is very normal matter, but there are many teachers because multiple public mentality demand for teacher's teaching quality is too high, the teaching quality of the education commission of parking, the school teaching quality assessment, it is these factors of teachers and makes some tension and make the teaching distortion.So, how to overcome this psychological barrier? Psychology believes that stress is a kind of emotional change caused by psychological burden when people engage in certain activities.One of the best ways to overcome this psychological barrier is to actively participate in the activities that make you nervous.Through participation, make oneself gradually adapt to this kind of activity atmosphere, reduce psychological pressure.Especially in the tide of curriculum reform experiment of basic education, teachers should actively participate in various teaching and research activities organized by the school and higher authorities, often listen to others' classes, often ask others to listen to their own classes, exercise their own will, develop self-confidence, gradually overcome the psychological barriers in multiple participation, and establish teaching self-confidence. Thirdly, continuous learning, deepen the knowledge precipitation, establish self-confidence The new round of curriculum reform of basic education requires teachers to change their teaching methods. Teachers are no longer merely "preach, impart knowledge and solve problems", but become promoters of students' learning, researchers of education and teaching, recipients of curriculum reform and developers.To realize these changes, teachers are required to change their ideas and improve their comprehensive quality.In terms of classroom teaching, when the concept changes, it is very important for teachers to have profound scientific and cultural knowledge.As the saying goes: to give students a glass of water, the teacher should have a bucket of water.When students' learning style changes, teachers should have not only a bucket of water, but a tank of water, a pool of water, and must also be living water.As a teacher in the new period, we must pay more attention to the precipitation of knowledge while we have high moral character and good physical quality.To have a deep professional knowledge and broad scientific and cultural quality, with a strong sense of innovation and creative ability, in the classroom teaching can play the role of student learning organizers, guides and collaborators.Also ability in the student's mind unceasingly raises the prestige, enhances the teaching self-confidence.Teachers, therefore, only by constantly learning, and constantly update their knowledge and adjust their knowledge structure, make oneself have broad, deep cultural inside information, can affect the students from the bottom of my heart, establish their own prestige and image, makes you so students respect the teachers, establish high dignity of teachers' professional self-confidence. Fourthly, grasp the standard, dig deeply teaching material, enhance self-confidence Inadequate preparation before class is another reason for our teachers' low confidence.As the requirements of the curriculum standards are unclear, the compilation intention of the textbook is not clear, and the excavation of the textbook is not deep. Therefore, the blindness and arbitrariness of teaching are large, so we can only teach according to the textbook, according to the teaching plan, and the text teaching is not precise, deep, and thorough.The key points are not accurate, let alone innovation.Here to illustrate a fact, is before the class as long as you systematically research and explore the text knowledge, extract the content of this class to talk about, design the problem to discuss with students, focus on how to inspire students in the teaching of thinking perception, practical experience, really do learn to think, learn to understand, learn to get. Fifthly, feedback information, effectively control the classroom, improve self-confidence The ultimate goal of teachers' teaching is for the development of students. Modern teaching requires interaction between teachers and students, interaction between students, cooperative learning, inquiry learning and active development.Therefore, teachers should firmly establish a "take the student as this, with the development of the students for this" teaching ideas, understand the word of "teaching application, teach the wuding method", continuously search and analysis of the class of middle school students' feedback to all kinds of information, according to the student's reality, timely adjust their teaching efforts do not limit the minds of students, and make the teaching work closely around the teaching goal, in the direction of the student development, training in teaching, improve your ability to control the classroom, and constantly improve the teaching of self-confidence. Sixthly, bearing in mind the "three-dimensional goal", harmonious relationship between teachers and students, develop self-confidence Teachers' lack of confidence in education has much to do with the unharmonious relationship between teachers and students.Educational theory and practice fully prove that teachers in a harmonious and harmonious teacher-student environment, the educational effect will be better.A good teacher-student relationship is a necessary condition for teachers to teach good books and raise good people.the new curriculum reform advocates a democratic and equal teacher-student relationship.Teachers may encounter a lot of difficulties or confusion in the education of children, especially now the only child is not easy to teach, difficult to teach the situation, but as long as respect students, friendly attention, care, care about their growth, pay attention to their progress and subtle changes, your education will be able to get twice the result with half the effort.Teachers should change students' outlook and understand that "green is better than blue;Ice, water for it and cold in water "truth, always have been students in the classroom asked, debate, stumped psychological preparation, suddenly magnanimous, calmly deal with, kindly deal with.Only in this way, can gradually establish a democratic and harmonious teacher-student relationship, can teachers and students develop together, calmly set up teachers professional self-confidence. Seventhly, find the flash point, development evaluation, experience self-confidence To make students successful, we must first make teachers successful., our headmaster and director of teaching and research group leader to constantly in-depth education teaching the first line, with the development of evaluation of teachers' education teaching work, trying to find the sparking spots in teachers' work, and in a timely manner to give incentive evaluation, let teachers to fully experience the joy of success, to make them set up confidence, strengthen the education teaching, education of greater success, confident of his education an aura of success experience benefit, eventually leisurely on the podium, confident in the face of the classroom, in the face of students, in the face of teachers' professional life yearning and pursuit!