Teach English in Angsu Zhen - E'erduosi Shi — Ordos

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Well in my own point of view, I think parents should learn English too. Why? Here are some of my reasons, also I will share my experiences being an ESL teacher for almost five years now. I started teaching online in October 2015, my students are Chinese during that time. I had a hard time communicating with my student's parents because they have zero knowledge about the English language. What I did during that time was to learn some phrases in mandarin so that they could understand the instructions that I'm giving them as well as their child/children. Most of the time, even after giving them instructions in their language, still they weren't able to catch what I'm trying to convey. Two years after, I taught Japanese students and the differences between my former students and my current students were so evident. I don't want to compare them, but I just want to share how helpful it is if parents know how to speak the English language, I didn't have a hard time teaching my Japanese students because they can easily understands simple instructions even if it's not translated in Japanese. Also, during that time our company didn't allow us to speak their language because that might confuse our students. We are teaching them to learn and speak the English language so we should avoid talking to them using their language. There were some instances where in my student didn't understand my instructions, but because their parents help everything went fine after. If parents understand and know how to speak in English, it's much easier for us teachers to talk to them. Especially if we have concerns regarding their child's performance in class as well as their progress. Also, Parents can also help their child to gain confidence and feel more motivated by giving them opportunities to practice English. It’s easier for children to learn when they get encouragement from their parents. Learning English together is a lot better! Parents could show their child that learning English isn't that difficult, in fact they could make it more fun! One more thing, I've learned that learning English at home is like epidemic or has a domino effect . Before I started teaching English I am the only one who speaks in English at home. After a year or two of teaching online, I noticed that my mom was starting to speak in English little by little. To my surprise, my daughter can speak in English better than I do. In addition to that, traveling as well as living abroad is much more enjoyable if you can communicate with local people and/or other tourists freely in English. I've experienced being in another country and during that time I was so shy to speak or communicate with some locals and tourists. It's like I almost cry cause I wasn't that confident about my knowledge in English. That made me realize that learning the English language is very important. So parents should really learn English too, not only for their own good but also for their child/children.