Teach English in Aolezhaoqi Zhen - E'erduosi Shi — Ordos

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I personally think that the skills needed for English teachers does not only involve expertise in an academic field. It is also important that you have people skills since you will have to interact with children or people. It is vital for you will have to make them understand a new language. There are countless of ways to teach a language and most English share the same qualities. As an English teacher you are also a model that sets a standard in a way, in class. One for the qualities I can think of is having patience. Being patient is hard work especially if you will be dealing with not just one child but many. It is also frustrating for some learner's in learning a new language. Without patience, it will be really hard to make a positive learning environment in the classroom and will make students be more frustrated in learning if they see their instructor looking impatient. Another quality is being positive. Making a positive environment helps a lot in having a fun class and atmosphere for the learners. When students are motivated teaching is more effective. They are positive in learning a new language and helps make the class environment fun and positive. A teacher that is focused and enthusiastic have ways that make learning more interesting. Another personality that I think is important for teacher is steadiness. Having a fun ambiance is not enough for teachers to hold all students' attention. It is also through skillful lesson designs and subject mastery. All this need to be consistent as well when teaching another language. Another quality for me that is think an English teacher should have is care. Let us start with caring for the age group that they teach. Teaching English does not limit you to teach only on a certain age group. Some are more comfortable teaching a particular age group but showing that you are comfortable teacher older students will definitely make the classroom ambiance be a bit weird. I think English teachers should also be caring and enjoy not just the specific age group that they prefer. An English teacher should also have the willingness to do things. Teaching is not an easy job and it even requires us a lot of time. Teachers may need to get up early and leave the class late. An English teacher should be willing to put necessary time when teaching. Dedication to teaching is also one quality, it is being committed to teaching and making sure that students learn English and enjoy learning the language in the process. Having the ability to built good relationship with students also help. It will be easier to teach a new language to students if they have trust in their teachers and it also creates a safe and productive learning environment. If the students feel comfortable with the teacher, holding interactive and fun activities is easier. These are some personal qualities that I think are important and effective for English teachers.