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There are many programmes such as TEFL and courses in universities and colleges on teaching. Of course an abundance of courses doesn't necessarily mean quality courses, but that's a subject for another essay. For the purpose of this essay we will be focusing on whether or not all teaching skills can be taught. Let us first go over what exactly the phrase "teaching skills" encompasses. According to teaching skills are defined as: "A group of teaching acts or behaviours intended to facilitate students learning directly or indirectly.". We could also define it as the skill together people interested or the skill to get your point across. Teaching is an ever evolving profession and in our day and age with the advances in technology we could add computer skills as a teaching skill. These are just a few definitions and no doubt even these will change in time. The skill such as computer skills and how to teach grammar can of course be taught. But what about the skill of getting your point across or connecting with people or improvisation according to the individual differences of your students. These are the type of skills we will be focusing on in the rest of the essay. The skills mentioned in the paragraph could be grouped as 'people skills'. So we could say that what we are really discussing is whether the people skills side of teaching can be taught. Being a people person is a characteristic trait but does this mean it cannot be taught. I believe it depends on what specific people skill we are talking about. For example you can't teach people to connect with other people this us something that comes from within. While a teacher may grow used to students through continued exposure but they aren't going to connect with them unless they really want to. Another aspect of people skills that cannot be taught is caring whether your students learn or not. Promising a teacher perks or money I'm the event that a student gets a certain grade or passes a certain class may motivate the teacher into trying harder. It may possibly even get the teacher to care whether a students passes or fails but it will not get the teacher to care whether they learn or not. Above we discussed some aspects of people skills that cannot be taught now we will discuss some that I believe can be taught. Such as being able to get your point across to students who don't care or gathering the attention of an unruly class. There are various methods that can be used to accomplish these goals. In many of the teaching courses in the universities use psychology professors to teach prospective teachers hot to employ these methods. An example of this could be how the first instinct of many of us is to shout at students when they're being loud but the psychology professors say that the best thing to do is to walk in and sit silently at your desk. This causes the students to become confused and silent and eventually curious as to what you're going to say. It is a relatively simple trick and, once you have learnt of it, easily implemented. It is tips and trick to manage people, such as this, that can be taught. In conclusion teaching skills such as how to teach grammar and how to effectively use the technological devices in the classroom can of course be taught. And little tops and trucks to manage a class can also be taught. However people skills that are linked to our personality such as really connecting with your students or caring whether they learn or not when there's nothing in it for you cannot be taught. Of course these skills are not needed to be a teacher. It is debatable however whether or not these skills are needed to be a good teacher.