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Let us start with a basic question , do parents role in educating their child stops only at sending them in a good educational institution? Well we may get answers like both yes or no, according to the parents mindset. Some parents may think that sending their children in a good English medium school will give their knowledge and education that is demanded and expected of for the level of the student and his or her grade while other parents will give their child the basic care and attention and bring their child with values and lessons at home together with bookish knowledge at school. Now the next question arises, as to what is real education that a child needs? Is it the books the child studies at cart grades and in specific intervals during the course will give test and examinations and climb up the grades? What is the real and true meaning of education ? If one tries to find out the answer to this question the answer is, true education is beyond degrees. It is more than bookish knowledge. Education means inculcating moral values, positive thinking, attitude of helping, attitude of giving to society and ethical values. Now as we have answered the question of what really a true education is, it might come as a surprise to many as to the real meaning of education. Some parents think that education is the bookish knowledge that is gained from going to schools and colleges. Usually this section of parents are not so literate and are unable to understand what education truly is and fail in their role to provide true education as parents. A child's education starts from home. Parents are their first teacher and they have a role in shaping up their character. Right from the time when a child uttering the first word to taking the first step, the child considers the parent as a guide. As we have already defined real education, a balance of education at home and school moulds a student's actual learning. A comparative study of students in a class will show that a student with some problematic behaviour or attitude will most often be the child who is neglected at home or is not getting proper home guidance. A child's positive or negative behaviour reflects his or her daily routine at home. With things said about parents being the first teacher of a student, next thing that comes is how can parents help in child's education? First thing is being a role model. Usually we see that the kids are inspired by their mother of father. They try to ape their role model at home. Being a good role model will help the child greatly. Next thing a parent can do is reading together. It gives the student a sense of support and confidence which is also the best way to spend time with the child and also helps to bond together. It will also one of the best ways to be close with the child's learning at school and doing so will not only improve the child's vocabulary but creates an interest in the child to read more. Next a very important thing parents can do to help the child in their education is providing a peaceful and stress free environment. Every family faces some problems at some point of time, and avoiding family problems and arguments in front of the child will help the child from mental stress and make him or her emotionally strong. Parents should avoid quarrelling in front of the child. There is a saying, spare the rod, spoil the child. Most parents go with this saying and give some harsh punishment to their children with a motive to improve their discipline. Choosing the right kind of punishment is also very important. Sometimes the child may need a constructive criticism without the use of ill words. Knowing the right thing to do at appropriate time will greatly benefit and help the child improving in his studies. Rewarding the child for good results is another way to help in the child's education. Last but not the least is listening to the child. By listening I don't mean the demands and wants of the child but the problems that the child may want to share. Listening to them may help them to share their problems and learn thing in a better way. With all these points and many more, a parent can help the child in getting the right kind of education which will not only help the child secure a good future but also make him or her a good citizen with moral values and attitude. Thus the question of just sending a child to a school for getting education is totally wrong and we will fail greatly if we do not use our role as the first teacher for a child .