Teach English in Nalintaohai Zhen - E'erduosi Shi — Ordos

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The teacher represents a very important role in people's lives. The interaction between students and educators generates a constant exchange of experiences that create memories for a whole life. There are many characteristics that make a good teacher but the most successful professional will be the one who cares about his/her teaching and cares even more about the learning of the students. Furthermore than sharing knowledge with love, for a teacher to build successful career, effective strategies must be taken to achieve the main reward: transforming lives. There are several strategies that help the teacher to achieve a successful career, among them we can mention: Clear Objectives: Developing good lesson planning helps to set up learner objectives, personal goals, pre-organize classroom activities and other benefits. Another strategy that narrows the rapport between teacher and students is creating goals with students to achieve them as a team. It is essential that teachers take risks, reinvent activities and above all believe in the potential of their students, observing their strengths and weaknesses in learning, applying strategies to value their facilities and overcome difficulties in language. Learning Environment: Being a creative, enthusiastic and energetic teacher becomes the activities lighter, generates cooperation and keeps students engaged during a lesson. Like this, how to motivate and encourage students to create and develop more confidence in the practice of learned content. Being empathetic with personal issues of the students and clearly understanding, learning disabilities are part of the essence of a dedicated teacher. Keeping class management and organization under control provides a productive work environment. Communication: The communication the teacher has with the parents or guardians of the students, including the students themselves, is very important. Effective dialogue helps inform progress or any concerns that may exist regarding the student that may reflect on future learning. Tools and study materials: Regardless of the type of material that will be used in class, such as didactic books, videos, audios, newspaper articles, the most important is that the materials used are something relevant to the studies, which adds knowledge to the students. The teacher must be aware of the choice appropriate to the student's level of learning. Ally technology with teaching is a great tool of research, as well as keeping the teacher up-to-date on news and new educational techniques, they can share with students and provide actual content activities adding experience on learning. Constant Update: The teacher must master the subject that is teaching, impart confidence and provide the necessary support in student learning. Although there are traditional teaching methods that have been proven effective, they are constantly changing through new discoveries and research. Keeping up to date makes it possible to complement the teaching standards already used to provide classes interactive, interesting and efficient. There are many techniques that can help a teacher build a successful career, but each professional should adapt in the way that works best for them and makes them comfortable to do the job. Absolutely, the union of good strategies accompanied by a smile and good humor will help the teacher to spread and develop a good relationship with the students who will pass through his career.