Teach English in ShAgedu Zhen - E'erduosi Shi — Ordos

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Role of the teacher. We live in a world where education is vital. It takes a learner and their effort to completely master the English language but the teacher plays an essential role in delivering lessons. In this summative task I will be talking about the role of the teacher. A teacher is a person responsible for sharing knowledge and imparting knowledge or skills in any field like English, Science, Mathematics, Art etc. Firstly, a good teacher is one who carries the desire and is willing to do what it takes to see their learners excel. I believe that a teacher has the ability to stir up interest in the students to have the desire to learn the language not only by imparting knowledge but by how they do it. According to the TEFL material in unit one, the teacher can have many roles and they have to have the flexibility to switch the roles depending on the activities or situation happening. In a class of adult leaners the teacher is primarily responsible for assessing the levels of English students are at and encouraging them to be more confident specifically in speaking the language. Unlike young learners, some adult learners are not as confident when it comes to speaking English. A teacher can motivate and commend learners when they have done a good job. Young English learners tend to feel more confident about learning and mastering English language. During the lessons depending on activities happening, a teacher can have roles such as manager, organizer, assessor, prompter, tutor, resource facilitator, model and observer, according to the unit one of the course. It is important for a teacher to have confidence when delivering a lesson which needs them to be in charge or to be leading in order for the lesson to be effective. In my opinion, I believe confidence plays a huge role even in how students will perceive the teacher. a confident teacher is fun to listen to, can be taken seriously and can inspire learners. When taking the role of a manager, the teacher should be careful to not make the class about them as this may end up intimidating learners. A good balance must be maintained by the teacher to avoid having all attention. A good teacher needs to be very patient and tolerant, as an assessor during class time a teacher needs to observe, listen and evaluate students fairly. Leaners are at different levels, some learners may encounter difficulties in learning certain parts of the English language and once teacher identifies where the challenge is they can help student to improve. It is vital for a teacher to be lively and bring some humor in the learning environment. I believe this has an ability to warm the atmosphere and give learners encouragement to learn without being under pressure or fearing to be laughed at. Some learners are very self conscious and sensitive to how others react to their performance. Creativity in language learning is also important. A teacher should be willing to come up with ways to help students understand the lessons even using relevant words that help learners related with. For example using tongue twisters to differentiate the tones of different word with same letters. Things like games enhance the lesson and learners take the memory with them as a reminder of the lesson. A teacher should also correct the mistakes of learners without crushing their confidence. Approach is what matters, how the message is delivered to learners will either boost their confidence or crush it. In conclusion, it takes a teacher who is caring to teach lessons that will be memorable and improve the learning experience. A teacher’s attitude can make the student’s experience enjoyable without fear.