Teach English in TongchuAn Zhen - E'erduosi Shi — Ordos

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The productive skills are important to learn a language, known as active skills which are writing and speaking that are contrasted to receptive skills, reading and listening. Teachers teach these skills to make students be able to write and speak either for academic purposes, career purposes and to communicate with native speakers. To begin with, speaking is essential for people to express their ideas and communicate with others. Teachers should teach learners clearly how to learn to speak a new language through different teaching techniques to practice communication because language is mainly communication. To learn how to speak, a student should be exposed to the language and to listen so that the student will acquire the language and to speak spontaneously. Speaking skills widen your options in job choices such as reception, hospitality industry and marketing. Moreover, to speak clearly may increase the students' success opportunities in academic oral exams, and it makes you communicate confidently with people in daily life. Therefore, teachers should teach effectively speaking because speaking is more important to learn a language. The classroom should be organised in a communicative environment, and the students will practice speaking activities which are the most important in teaching English. Fluency is much required in for oral exams to speak without hesitation and it is difficult for non-native speakers to talk fluently since they do not speak the language in everyday-basis, thus, students should practise speaking with each other at school either through dialogues or other communicative activities. With regard to writing, people write to communicate thoughts and ideas in a readable form that involves words, phrases and sentences as well as punctuation. Students should read as much as possible to acquire vocabulary and grammar, thus, they will be able to write. Teachers should teach students some writing skills to communicate messages with clarity and coherence. To try to write, students need to choose a topic, followed by brainstorming to write down every idea comes to the mind. After brainstorming, students need to produce a draft, and finally, they check through the text to edit and to correct mistakes. Furthermore, writing is a difficult skill since it needs formality in formal language with meaningful vocabulary, correct punctuation, and grammatical structures as well. Therefore, the text should include coherence to make ideas coherent, cohesion in which writers use cohesive language devices, and it is most essential to make the written text accurate so that the reader will read it easily without confusion. While writing informal language such as sending messages to your friends, formality is not needed. The writing skill is required to write C.V to apply for a job or to write reports and letters. Thus, writing helps people to think critically to organise ideas and communicates the words which are not spoken orally. In conclusion, productive skills writing and speaking are based on receptive skills, if you read, you will write, and if you listen, you will speak. And the four language skills are equally important in teaching students a language.