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Confidence is one of the most important characteristic for a person, especially when a person is learning. A confident student is like a soldier with a weapon, who can march forward to complete various challenges. There are various reasons why students need confidence to learn English, and different methods how a teacher builds confidence in his or her students. First of all, confidence drives people start to learn. Without confidence, people are afraid to make the first step to learn. They always find different excuses for themselves, such as I am too old to learn, I don’t want to embarrass myself, I can’t speak English even if I try hard and so on. Once they have the confidence, they would not be afraid of any of those situations, and they are ready to learn. Second, confidence makes students restart to try when they make mistakes, and it also makes students stand up more, practice more, and learn more. For instants, when a student makes a mistake during class, she or he is easily to feel embarrassed and frustrated. With confidence, the student knows if he or she makes a mistake during class, he or she is learning and improving. Therefore, the student would restart and try again. Third, confidence drives students go beyond their limits and set their goal higher and aim to it firmly. People tent to make easily achievable goals when they are not confident. However, this is not effective and beneficial for students to learn. When the students are confident enough, they are willing to push their limits and set their goals higher to challenge themselves. As a result, they will think more, explore more and improve more. On the other hand, having confidence is very important for students, and building confidence is very important for teachers. A good teacher should be able to establish confidence in his or her students. Teachers always encounter different situations that students lose their confidence. For example, when students found the goal which they are facing is too hard to achieve, a good teacher should set realistic goal for the students in order to help them reduce the pressure of achieving it. Moreover, teacher should talk with the frustrated ones in private to build up the confidence. We can show our compassion and give some solutions or set up the plans for improvement in the future with them. Most importantly, teachers should always provide positive feedback to your students when appropriate. Everyone can be good in different ways, and tell them how great they are courageous to try. In addition, students lose their confidence when they are not supported effectively while facing challenges. As a teacher, we should support students whenever it is needed. When students are frustrated or upset, praise their courage to try and give them another very easy question to answer. Also, we can carefully monitor the special ones during tasks. Remember to stay low while talking to students. Furthermore, students lose their confidence when they make mistakes again and again. In this situation, we can say “I know what you mean” or “I was like this too when I was learning English.” Also, we can let the students win in different lessons because winning drives people to do more, do better and try again. When they finally get it, don’t forget to praise them by saying “I am proud of you”, “Good job”, and “Well done”! All in all, confidence is the prerequisite of success. Confidence can make people study efficiently and eagerly. Understanding the importance of confidence is essential for teaching. Making students to gain confidence is not only a challenge for a teacher, but also a requirement for a good teacher.