Teach English in Chaoyangsi Zhen - Enshi Tujiazu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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I am very pleased to pick this title, as a 21-year-old English teacher, I must say that now's a good time to give great consideration on adding new technologies in the classroom. Currently, I'm in China learning business management and a part-time English teacher. I am very close and friendly with my students, I know how most of them enjoy learning English and what keeps them interested and motivated. I first started teaching English in my home country to different schools to those younger than me as a volunteer. These schools didn't have an English teacher due to financial problem the same reason why they also had few teaching resources and teaching aids. Most Chinese ESL schools do have the essential resources and teaching aids I strongly believe that more could be done when it comes to using techs in the classroom by making sure it's balanced well with other resources it's 2019 and we're seeing a rapid growth of technology. the growing presence of technology in the classroom is directly correlated with students' increased usage of technology outside of the classroom. Thanks to students' familiarity with technology, teachers can make use of different types of technology to create a more diverse and inclusive learning environment. Nobody learns similarly in light of various learning styles and various capacities. Innovation gives extraordinary chances of making adapting progressively powerful for everybody with various needs. For instance, students can learn at their own speed, audit troublesome concepts or skip ahead if they need to. In addition, innovation can give more chances to battling or impaired understudies. Access to the Internet gives students access to a wide scope of assets to direct research in various ways, which thus can expand the engagement. When technology is put into lessons, students are expected to be more interested in the subjects they are studying. Technology provides different opportunities to make learning more fun and enjoyable in terms of teaching the same things in new ways. What is more, technology can encourage a more active participation in the learning process which can be hard to achieve through a traditional lecture environment. Teachers can use more than just whiteboard and projectors in the 21st century classroom A few examples include: • Interactive whiteboards: teachers use a projector in conjunction with a device like a laptop to shows the screen to the whole class on the interactive whiteboard • A room surround speakers to make sure everyone's getting enough sound for listening • Reward board: seems like nowadays young learners are always looking for a new type of reward I believe that it’s time to change the culture from giving out stickers. • A document camera: when a camera is connected to a multimedia projector and shows real-time activity • Game-based learning: lesson plans that involve game-based learning are competitive, yet also provide students with an opportunity to have fun while learning • A platform like C.E.T I fully admire the work of Dr Joohee, Dr Joohee Son is an Alumni Award-winning for Outstanding Service at teachers college, Columbia University, Joohee son has developed a platform in a classroom called C.E.T online speaking system that lets student record a video or a voice answering a question from teachers, teachers then give appropriate feedback and it's a good way to make a rapport. Joohee Son's (Ed.D. ’13, Instructional Technology and Media) volunteer service to TC dates back to 2011 when she assisted with the TC in Asia: Working Together Conference in Hong Kong. More recently, she has served as President of TC’s Korean Alumni Association since 2016 and was Vice President from 2014-2016. During her tenures, she took on the role of pledge collector for the Korea 125 Crowd-Sourced Scholarship and helped coordinate several TC presidential, administration and faculty visits to Korea. She also led a team effort to plan and host two Global TC Day events and three official TC alumni events. In addition to her volunteer work with TC, Joohee established the Center for Education & Technology, Inc. (CET), which has improved “Thinking Skills and English fluency” for K-12 students in Korea. She’s embedded cognitive theories into English curriculum, and designed the “Speaking Online Feedback System,” providing individual feedback about English Fluency, Accuracy, and Thinking Skills. ( Dr Joohee son) sources -