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In the last decades, it has become close to a standard for a teacher to get a diploma, a certificate or some type of formation to pass on their knowledge efficiently. A parallel can be made to learning, as being the most efficient in teaching does not come naturally, it will be covered why learning techniques makes you more efficient. At first, we are going to see three general ways someone can learn. Then, we are going to analyse the learning process used in video games. Finally, we will take a deeper look on how people become better at sports. First, human beings can learn by personal experience, once we have done a mistake, we learn from it and we are less likely to do it again. Then, a good way to learn would be to put ourselves in situations where we are out of our comfort zone to learn from those small mistakes we do along the way. It becomes obvious that by doing so we learn more than by only doing it the same way without knowing if it’s the best way. In other words, we are getting knowledge from experimenting. Otherwise, we can learn from watching others. For example, when we see someone being successful we can try to imitate this person. A good technique we can use from that would be to watch how to do something before we attempt it to reduce the odds of making errors. Lastly, we can learn from being taught, someone already learned from doing the action or by observations and is going to either tell us or demonstrate it to us. In this case it would be beneficial to listen for small details and/or previsualize it in our head as to further our chances to do it properly. In conclusion, finding the right procedure to do a job will get us better faster. It can also be true in the entertainment sector. Second, we can look at how people in and from video game, as this type of entertainment has become popular broadly with the use of smartphones. Most video games include a tutorial, which the user will clearly be better at the game than if he skips it. A parallel can be made to any “how to” instructions, the user will be more competent after reading them. Another thing that can be recognized is that the best players often don’t play to win, they play to learn. Just as it is more beneficial to try to make a complete sentence in a foreign language than to just say one word, even if at first the sentence is not built properly and you get misunderstood. Briefly, as video games are nowadays very popular, people can learn in life the same way they learn in them. Just as with other type of games. Third, in order to join leagues of higher level in sports, athletes generally do camps or specific courses. In which the sport is generally broken down into small sections and drilled. This method has been proven to be successful for multiple teams. Another method that is been used is to put players in specific scenarios, for example, two offensive players against one defensemen. Recreating those situations helps to get better when facing them in real time. Those examples prove once more that it is better for development to have good learning strategies. To summarize, it has been proven to be effective for team sports to structure practices. Otherwise, it has been demonstrated that going through the technique before doing an activity improves the rate of success. Then, it was made obvious that putting ourselves in situations where we learn from the natural process also helps. So, it is a substantial advantage to use good learning techniques to teach ourselves. This could also be said for teaching others.