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Educating students means not only giving them academic knowledge but also improving their confidence to make sure their mental health. I will talk about how to build confidence in students from the following aspects. Choose specific topic to cater to students interests as talked in the unit 9. The creative teachers usually can find the suitable topic to enlighten the student to talk more and after doing this, students can realize that they can actually speak fluent English, they will feel confident to talk more . Use authentic materials. including books, movies ,radios and so on. Unlike the non-authentic books, the authentic materials are not designed to suitable for student, therefore, if the students can fully understand the authentic materials They will feel satisfied and at the same time. It can improve their confidence, usually we can encourage student to watch some English version movies or programs, and then talk about them during the class Provide opportunities for students to be a leader which is good way to cultivate good characteristic, such as responsibility and independence, we can assign student as the monitor or teacher’s helper and so on, through doing this they will know their abilty and value, if they find their strengths, they can do better about that Set some achievable goals for each student. We can assign them tasks to finish and then rewarding the students who do a great job , while encouraging the students who have problems and confuses and then make the specific plan for them to improve Use different types of test. For different class type and different class we should set various tests to suitable for them and make them realize their progress and find out their weakness, don’t pay too much attention t the result, just focus on how much they have got and how to improve further. For example for the adult students who are aim to improving oral English, we can just try to test their fluency, don’t focus too much on accuracy. While for the students who are going to attend specific exams, we need to focus more on accuracy .Try to make students realize how much they have already gained Give constructive feedback and evaluations to students. Which can help reduce their weaknesses and strengthen strengths. Making sure the students know their problems and also encourage them to speak out them instead of avoiding them. And giving some correction without hurting their confidence. Encourage students to set high standards for themselves. We need to make sure student believe that they can do better. Usually we can take some famous people as examples and always offer compliments to them if you see their progress to encourage them to believe in themselves. After they gain their goal, their confidence will grow Push students to-do self-corrections, we should try to make them realize their weakness by feedback or tests, and encouraging them to correct themselves and also write the detailed plan about how to improve them. Only when they realize by themselves they can have a deep memory and avoid them in the future, through doing this they will have the feeling of being a teach and they can avoid the awkward by being corrected by others To sum up, building students confidence is very important, From the above we can see there are different ways to improve their confidence, just need to figure out the suitable one for various student