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Classroom management is a method that teachers use on how to handle students. It is a great way to organize the classroom effectively for their successful learning. Teachers face many different challenges in the classroom. Some students find ways to distract, disturb, disrespect, or otherwise cause problems for the teacher and their fellow classmates. It is because of different personalities, abilities and experiences in life. It may also be because of how their family treat them at home. Some lack attention and would always seek for it. Those are just few reasons behind it. I've been a president in Children Worship Service in our church for the last 5 years. Every Sunday I have to deal and handle a lot of children. In the beginning, it was so difficult for me because I was very impatient at that time. Many of them are noisy, naughty, stubborn, cry-babies and trouble makers. It was so stressful because in the church the children should behave in order to learn God’s words but I didn't know what I should do. But as the time went by, as I watched and observed them every Sunday, I learned many things that helped me deal with the problem. I learned that there’s always a reason why children behave in a specific way. I learned how to be patient and how to calm myself. I realized that I should do something to distract them from doing those things. I planned some techniques on how these children will be comfortable and behave themselves well. I made a ribbon as a reward paired with some snacks to give to every child that can answer the questions, mostly from what they have learned from the worship service. Given that, they paid more attention and listened carefully so that they could answer correctly and gain a reward. I also gave them certificates for perfect attendance every month. Because of what I did they became motivated, excited, and very happy. It is a rewarding experience to open the eyes of a child to something new in their world. Teachers have that opportunity to be able to expose students to new experiences, ideas and ways of thinking. A far greater and further reaching opportunity is the opportunity to awaken within the child a desire to continue intellectual and personal growth so that success in school and in life can become a reality. Teachers who can adapt to a variety of managing styles and effectively instruct a large percentage of the class will have an improvement of teaching in the classroom. It can be obtained by putting together a plan of action and following it through. Teachers who make the extra effort to improve their teaching can make a significant impact on the lives of students. Effective teachers need to know how to organize the classroom, manage the curriculum and keep students on task with various management techniques for their successful learning. A lot of patience, understanding and techniques are the keys to having a successful and effective managing class.