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Family is the basic unit of society. It provides its members with protection, companionship, security and socialization. Parents plays an integral role in training and building the character of their children. They are the pillars in their children's success. Parental engagement is crucial in promoting children's healthy intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. One way of ensuring that their children will have a brighter future is thru education. According to Wikipedia, education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. The role of parents in education is not limited to sending their children to school, or providing them with financial support. Home education encompasses the educational impact of the family on children. It is fundamental on building the learning ability of their children. Parents are the first educator and it commences on the first day of their children's lives. From the time a toddler learn how to walk, talk, sing and dance, parents are the first human being that encourage their child to try different things at an early age. Children learn their first alphabet at home and distinguish different colors and shapes on books and flashcards provided by their parents. The strength and resiliency of the children depends on the quality of learning experiences as infants and toddlers. Parents are the greatest role model of their children. Children are exposed to an environment wherein they acquire their parents habits and behavior. As parents, being consistent in teaching and setting examples is very important. They should inspire their children by showing them how exciting and meaningful a school life can be if they give out their best. They can give their support and confidence by doing things together with their children. Reading together do not only improves their vocabulary but also increases their interest to read more. It is also important to oversee their children's activities in school and at home. Discipline in the study habits and the use time management will help the children be more organized with their daily routine such as household chores and still find time for the lessons and assignments. To lift their children's spirit for learning, parents can show their support by helping them with their home assignments and project without doing spoon feeding. Let them do the task and provide guidance on how to complete the assignments better. Parents should help their children on preparing for tests by figuring out which lesson areas they are weak and they can work on it together. If the parents notice that their children are not doing well or giving studies less importance, they can give constructive criticism. Talk to their children. Listen to their concerns and doubts. Find time to know the things that are happening in and out of school. One way of motivating is thru reward system. Do not hesitate to reward them for a job well done. For students who are not doing well, this will inspire and motivate them to do better in school next time. One of the greatest gift parents can give to their children is time. They should find time talking to their children despite busy schedules. Maintain a healthy parent-child relationship. They should go on trips, watch movies, eat and pray together. Parents should also accompany their children on educational trips. This will strengthen their bond and will help the children interact with the nature and learn new things. They can share their personal experiences about their school life. Sharing their success stories to their children to teach them the importance of patience and hard work in studying. Parents are not only the first educator and financial provider in education. They also serves as an inspiration. It is a parent's dream to see their children graduate and have a college degree. However, not all parents can support their children's education all the way to college. For less fortunate families where parents can only support their children up to primary and secondary level of education, children look for ways to continue their studies. Some students are working while studying, some applies for scholarships in Universities. Children wants to finish their studies for their parents. While parents wants their children to finish studies and have a college degree for them to have a brighter future, children wants to finish studies for their parents. To give back to their parents the fruits of their hard work and give them a comfortable life. Minimal or lack parental involvement in education tend to have detrimental effects on children. This will keep the children from getting good grades and will restrain them to work to their highest abilities. This will not only affect their studies but also their behavior in school. Parental involvement not only enhances academic performance but also have a positive influence on students attitude and behavior. Nothing helps children succeed than an involved parents. Parents role in education is indispensable. It is a commitment of the parents to their children. Education is the best gift parents can give to their children. Education is something that cannot be taken away from their children and will always be an intricate part of who they are.