Teach English in Houan Zhen - Fushun Shi

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Speaking and writing are productive skills. Accuracy activities are usually conducted in the study phase and focus on understanding and using of the language in a controlled way. The fluency activities are usually conducted in the activate stage and focus on the flow of information by experimenting and being creative with the language. Speaking activities in classroom: Drilling – Controlled activity A basic drilling exercise to be performed in the engage stage would be reciting the words from a children book as this would help increase the accuracy of basic statements. We think it would be important to find material which contains sounds which are hard to reproduce in the students native language to clear those barriers early. Prompting – Controlled activity We think a good prompting activity would be to write a simple question on the whiteboard and ask students if they know the answer, in which case they put their hand up and are selected randomly. Then if the student pronounce it incorrectly as the teacher we would reproduce the answer for all of the students to hear the difference. Afterwards as a class we would recite the correct answers allowing everyone a chance for everyone to say it correctly. Guided role-play – Guided activity For guided role-play we would plan an activity for the activate stage in which the students have to re-enact an interesting situation within a certain time limit, such as a bank robbery. This will apply pressure on the students to pay particular attention to the guidance we've provided whilst still enjoying themselves enough not to let their minds wander. Discussions – Creative communication We would take a current news item (with respect to the age of the students and their appropriate level of fluency) and ask the students to discuss it. Using visual aids we would hope to entice students to become involved and eventually join groups to share their opinions in English. Debates – Creative communication Quite possibly a follow-up class from the discussions in the previous step, this would involve groups arguing their opinions with other groups, in an open environment. The teacher can encourage student interaction by - Allow shyer students to answer the easy questions - Provide constructive criticism when correcting mistakes - Allocate students to smaller groups - Offer exciting lesson plans - Be dynamic in lesson plans while writing Handwriting, spelling, layout and puncctuations has to be considered.Games play an importan role in classroom as a goal and element of fun. There are competitive and co-operative games. Some of the games that can be incorporated in teaching are twenty questions noughts and crosses hangman twister clue/cluedo connect4 mime crosswords toung twisters pictionary