Teach English in Yingemen Zhen - Fushun Shi

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In this unit I learned about productive skills such as speaking and writing. They are both used to communicate information. It is important to motivate students to speak and write, that's why teachers should always prepare for the class and challenge students with interesting topics. When teaching productive skills, both accuracy and fluency are equally important. Accuracy is generally taught during the study phase and is more controlled. Fluency activities are concentrated on creative aspect of language thus are used during Activate phase, and don't require immediate correction. Speaking accuracy activities include drilling, prompting, guided role-play. Speaking fluency activities could be free role-play, pair discussion or group discussion, communication games. Feedback is important on all stages, but immediate feedback is generally given when performing accuracy activities so ensure the language taught is understood . During fluency activities, it could be helpful to record the entire communication process, then play it to the students and ask them to self-correct and improve. Writing skills are often times neglected at ESL classrooms. Creative writing can be a goal of the lesson and can include poetry, plays, stories, essays. They can be done either individually or in groups. The entire lesson can be structured around creative writing skills.