Teach English in Yongling Zhen - Fushun Shi

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People communicate for one of the following reasons: 1.communicative purpose 2.They want to say sth. 3.Want to listen to sth. 4.Interested in what is being said If the students don't see the point in doing something, they're far less likely to want to participate! Difference between Accuracy and Fluency: Accuracy: study phase. Producing correct language. Fluency: activate phase. Effectiveness and flow of communication. They r equally important. Speaking activities in the clsroom: Controlled Act: Accuracy based activities. Language is controlled by the teacher. Drilling, prompting Guided act: Accuracy based but a little more creative and productive. The output is still controlled by the teacher but the exact language isn't . Model dialogues, guided role-play Creative communication: Fluency based activities. The scenario is usually created by the Teacher, communication controlled by the stus. 1.Free role-play 2.Discussions 3.Information gap 4.Debates 5.Simulations (copy) 6.Communication games Techniques to encourage interaction: 1.pair-work 2.Group-work 3.Plenty of controlled and guided practice before fluency activities. 4.Speaking activities purposeful 5.Change the classroom dynamics 6.Careful planning 7.Allow time to think before saying