Teach English in ChijiAng Zhen - Ganzhou Shi

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I have learnt from this unit that there are so many different tenses to express the future time. The future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous and 'Be going to' are one of those future tenses. Besides there are two actually called present tenses but can be also used in the meaning of future. They are ' Present simple' and 'Present continuous'. In this unit, there are lots of teaching ideas indicated for each tense. A teacher makes use of these ideas to emphasize the differences between the tenses and to prevent any kind of confusion. For example: When we make predictions without any present evidence, we use Future Simple Tense. 'She will win Survivor game.' while making predictions with an evidence, we use 'Be going to'. 'It is going to snow tomorrow' ( according to the weather forecast).