Teach English in GuAntian Zhen - Ganzhou Shi

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I learned a lot from this course when it comes to the future tense and the different ways we express actions that will or may take place in the future in English. As native speakers, when we think of the future tense, we think of one tense in particular which is 'I will be going to the game tonight,' for example but as this section shows, there are various other ways to express oneself aside from the future continuous format. One thing that I learned in particular from this unit was how some present tenses such as the present simple and present continuous can hold a future meaning while maintaining a present tense structure. I feel like this lesson in particular could hold some challenges to students learning English as a second language, but it is worthy of noting that these present tenses can hold future meaning and will be something to keep a close eye on when explaining these tenses in a classroom setting.