Teach English in Lajia Zhen - Guoluo Zangzu Zizhizhou — Golog

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I am at a bit of a loss with this unit. I have previously taken a linguistics course in my undergraduate studies but that was quite a long time ago and viewed with the naivete of a native English speaker. This unit was very eye-opening in the sense that I agree I would likely be one of those instructors who would express a general reluctance to try to teach phonetics, but after having to work through this unit and the tasks, I also understand why it is so important. In particular I took a lot away from the section on intonation and stress because it is true that a person can convey so much in their speech, just by their rhythms and variations in pitch and volume. I see myself using snippets from well known orators of the past to show the power of intonation and stress as a great way for my students to get a better understanding of the concept as well. I must say I found the actual phonemic portion of the unit incredibly difficult, however. I don't see myself being ready to teach that portion with any level of confidence just yet. It will take a bit more study on my part and possibly the help of some videos on the subject.