Teach English in Liupanshan Zhen - Guyuan Shi

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In a way, I am of the opinion that phonetics and pronunciation is one of the subjects of English language in which we have to proceed with certain caution. The very nature of English language is so sensitive to pronunciation issues that it can easily become nightmarish for the less advanced student hampering advances. We may favour intelligibility over perfection without renouncing to proper phonetics and pronunciation teaching. Some things to take into account when teaching pronunciation: Some students ignore the pronunciation part when they start learning the language. It becomes so difficult they stop "caring" about it. So let's plan ahead and work with "easy to grasp" simulated pronunciations models. Students pronounce words or sounds erroneously for a long time, acquiring "habits" which are difficult to correct. Let's pay special attention to this with some "light" "extra work". Some languages are spoken faster than English (more concepts-words per minute in a normal conversation) and when student speak English they tend to do it faster than we should. Some languages have a very strong and characteristic accent when compared to other Germanic languages. We will have to do some extra work with those students who are not of a closely related linguistic background. In English there are many sounds that do not exist in other languages and therefore are never used consequently there is no muscular or technical memory to relate to them, some students will not know how to do them.