Teach English in Danma Zhen - Haidong Shi

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This unit was illuminating for me as I was not aware of how complex English pronunciation can be. I really appreciate the thorough explanation of different pronunciation teaching tools, like the phonemic alphabet and mouth diagrams. I can see how these both will come in handy when teaching English, since pronunciation can be such a tricky thing to master. With as much information as possible about pronunciation and intonation, and plenty of opportunities to practice with things like tongue twisters and peer diction exercises, I hope to be able to help students master some of the trickier parts of this language. I particularly enjoyed learning about the phonemic alphabet and typical ways English speakers link words. Pronunciation can be difficult to teach for a native English speaker since it comes so easily, but I feel confident that with these tools, I can clearly explain and demonstrate how to make different sounds and talk like a native speaker.