Teach English in Gongboxia Guanli Weiyuanhui - Haidong Shi

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Pronunciation and phonology Pronunciation is one of the neglected aspects of English language teaching. Phonology is the study, analysis, and classification of the physical properties of sounds. Intonation is considered to be the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence, whereas stress is more concerned with individual words. intonation is important in questioning, agreeing or disagreeing, or confirming statements. It is fundamental in the expression of emotions or feelings. There are two simple rules about word stress to start: 1. One word has only one stress, and can’t have two stresses. There can be a “secondary” stress in some words, but a “secondary” stress is much smaller than the main stress and is only used in longer words. 2. We can only stress syllables, not individual vowels or consonants.