Teach English in Heimahe Zhen - Hainan Zangzu Zizhizhou

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This Section was very interesting to me. I'm interested in the nitty gritty details of linguistics and how to teach them well. At first, I was surprised to find out that pronunciation is often a neglected aspect of teaching english to non-native speakers. However, as I read through the lesson, I started to understand why many teachers skip over these topics. They can be difficult to identify and therefore difficult to teach. But proper pronunciation is essential to helping students become fluent in English. Thus, I appreciated this lesson because it taught me a lot about my own language. It also provided me with good tools. This will help me to teach pronunciation more effectively in the future. English pronunciation comes natural to me and I've never taken the time to really observe the sounds and how we make them. Now that I've learned a few of the basics, I an better explain them to non-native english speakers.