Teach English in Heka Zhen - Hainan Zangzu Zizhizhou

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Unit 13 is about Phonics and Phonology. Phonology is the study of the language sounds. There are three main types in phonology - Stress, Rhyme, and Intonation. Stress emphasize on the individual words which forms component of the sentence. Each English sentence has its own stressed words in each sentences. Intonation is the tone of the sentence. It carries the message of the expression since it is shows the feelings and emotions of the speaker. It is used to ask a question, make a statement or agree or to disagree. There are three patterns of intonation. These are the 1)Rise/Fall (Don't expect listener's response, can be gerenal informaing sentence and command). 2)Fall/Rise (It usually expects a response from the listener. 3)Flat(Agree on general information).