Teach English in Hudong Zhongyangchang - Hainan Zangzu Zizhizhou

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Phonology is an important, however often over-looked part of learning the English language. Perhaps this is because of the complexities involved with explaining the use of sound. Intonation gives the meaning of the sentence. For example: I have never been to Paris. You could stress the word "never" to imply frequency, or "Paris" to imply that you have maybe been to another city in France. Articulation is another important part of learning pronuciation. There are a few different ways to teach this. One could show diagrams of the mouth to illustrate how each sound is made. For some learners this is helpful to understand the mechanics of the sound. Another way is to have the students watch your mouth while you over-emphasize certain words. Then you would repeat the sentence naturally to give them the idea. And then there is eer diction, which is helpful for students to figure out pronunciation on their own. One student reads a sentence while the other writes it down. I felt overall this is a very complex and interesting topic, and that it cannot be summarized so simply.