Teach English in Shengmucaoliangzhongfanzhichang - Hainan Zangzu Zizhizhou

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This course highlighted the importance of pronunciation and phonetic usage, as an English language teacher, to assist in the knowledge, understanding, and application of the English language among peers and society. The course detailed efforts an English language teacher can implement within the classroom, through the use of peer interaction, visual aids, and verbal demonstration to illicit deeper comprehension of the course material along with fostering confidence in their language abilities. This course has taught me the importance of pronunciation and its ability to convey a particular message and/or garner a particular response from the listener, to prevent misunderstanding. Furthermore, this course highlighted the various parts of phonology, specifically, stressed and unstressed parts of speech, that English language teachers should be mindful of, to ensure students are not incorrectly learning the desired language.