Teach English in Tanggu Zhen - Hainan Zangzu Zizhizhou

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This unit was covered phonology and pronunciation. Phonology is divided into three areas: stress, intonation and rhythm. Intonation is a very important part in questioning, agreeing and disagreeing. Stress plays an important role in pronunciation. (Stress on first syllable, last syllable, stress on penultimate syllable, stress on ante-penultimate syllable, compound words.) Techniques for teaching stress: contrastive stress, by gesture, on the board, choral group work, stress marks. Teaching techniques for the pronunciation: own mouth, diagrams of the mouth, tongue twisters and phonemes. These techniques are very helpful and practical, it can be good fun for the teacher and the students. There are six manners of articulation. These are plosive, nasal, fricative, lateral,affricate and approximant. The most important expressions to know for manner of articulation are: plosives, fricatives, affricates and nasals.