Teach English in Banqiao Zhen - Hengyang Shi

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Before we become a real teacher,we have the most significant question to ask ourselves:To teach young learners or adult?To figure out this question,we have to know the difference between them first.So what's the difference between young learners and adults? Firstly,the most obvious different is the ages.Usually we have three categories for young learners.The first one is very young learners,they are seven or less than seven years old.The second one is the pre-puberty learners,they are between eight to thirteen years old.The last one is probably the most difficult one -the early teenage learners.They are during 14 and 17 years old.And about the adults,as you all know they must be eighteen and more than eighteen years old. Secondly,the motivation is different.Usually the adults can make their own decision by themselves so they can be responsible for their decision.When it comes to studying,they can discipline themselves easily too.So they have very good motivation.However,most of the young learners can't make their own decision,so they lack of responsibility and self discipline.They usually don't have good motivation. Thirdly,young learners usually have much more behavior problems than adults.Talking about that,we need to know that young learners usually have shorter attention span than adults.So they can't focus on the class for a long time,they can easily being distracted and not paying attention to the class.So they are easily to get bored and maybe distract the class.Unlike young learners,adult are good at long attention span and they can study for a long time so they don't have behavior problems. Fourthly,adults are easier to get nervous than young learners.Because adults usually have the learning experience so they can easily feel stressful when they learn English again.They are afraid that they will lose face or somebody will laugh at them.So they feel nervous when they ask or answer questions.But the young learners don't have that problem.Them are so curious and think that English is interesting,attracting and even funny.So they feel comfortable to ask or answer questions. Last but not least.Young learners don't have that much learning experience than adults.That's because adults learned some English before when they were at school,they have some knowledge about English.Most of them are not the real beginners.Unlike adults,young learners don't have that much learning experience,so most of them are real learners,we are the "Original " English teacher for them.We play a very important role in their life.So we need to be very careful when we teach.And because of the difference of learning experience,we need to prepare very different class for both of them to make sure it fit for them.For example,the class for young learners must be simple and easy to understand because they don't have much learning experience and we need to teach the basic things.But for adults, the class can be little complicated and useful and we can put more knowledge in the class too,because they usually have the basic knowledge. So above are the difference between young learners and adults.They're different in ages and motivation and learning experience and nervousness but at the same time they are similar,they all need the teacher's help,to help them improve their English.They all want a perfect teacher,I think you can be that one.