Teach English in Baimahu Nongchang - Huai'an Shi

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It is every English teacher’s responsibility to make sure that the pupils under their tutelage succeed in their goal of being able to speak English at the end of their journey. How to go about this depends a lot on the motivation which English teachers generate and pass on to their students. The general perception is that most students have low motivation when it comes to learning English. In order that teachers of ESL be able to tackle the problem of motivation, they need to know the importance of motivation in any learning environment and the ways and methods to go about invoking this in their students that can encourage them to succeed in their pursuit of the English language.Some of the motivational initiatives are : 1. To arrange pair-work or groupwork in class where the students can work together collaborating and communicating among themselves. The students will be encouraged to do role-plays, interviews, describing pictures and a whole lot of other things. Not every student will have the same skills so grouping will bring out the different skills among them and they can use it to their advantage. The lesson becomes fun and it encourages the students as well as helps to draw out even the shy ones in an environment of fun, trust and mutual understanding. 2. Arrangement of the class or the seating of the students where they are able to look at each other at a comfortable distance and the same goes for the teacher who should always maintain eye contact when interacting with the students. Full attention is given and motivation to succeed is seen when eye contact is maintained at all times between students and the teacher. Both parties feel equally encouraged and motivated. 3. Allowing students to make mistakes and correcting it without making the students feel small or suffer humiliation. They need to know that the teacher has their best interests at heart. Peers too can help in correcting the mistakes made by discussing among themselves thus increasing motivation and encouragement. 4. The use of flash-cards, story-telling and songs also encourages EFL students as it will help to ease the tension and motivate the students. Realia and flash cards can also assist students in learning new vocabulary and students who learn easily from visuals will really benefit from this. Playing games like scrabbles can encourage new word formations. 5. Use of audio-visual equipment can aid the teacher when conducting lessons as most classes are fully equipped with various audio visual equipment like cassette recorders, videos, overhead projectors and computers as well as voice recorders. Lessons can be centered around these equipment to encourage the students to record and hear their own voices as well as their friends and to spot mistakes made by them when played back. 6. Giving allowance to students to use their mother tongue under strict supervision when they get stuck in certain situations will give them the encouragement to succeed and be a motivating factor. Beginner students who face difficulty in expressing themselves can be assisted this way to encourage them whereby the English teacher can translate the words for easier comprehension but it should be strictly controlled. 7. In an internet world nowadays, everyone has become tech savvy so using social media will also help like forming groups and sending messages via this. Of all the reasons above, I feel that if an English teacher is supportive, friendly, approachable and builds rapport at the very beginning of the class itself, this will go a long way in encouraging English students and will bring the message across that the lessons further down the road will be fun, supportive, interesting and will be a great motivating factor for all parties. The students will be greatly encouraged.