Teach English in Beiji - Huai'an Shi

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Course Experience: What are the Experiences gained in taking the TEFL course? Answer: I am pretty excited and very thankful that I have the chance to share my experiences throughout the process of taking the International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT). The decision to have taken this course is a great one that I will forever be glad about. The course has equipped me with so many powerful tools and knowledge and skills set that I will be imploring in my present and future endeavors to teach English as a foreign language to several lucky people. Without attempting to repeat the rich content of the course, I will share with you my general experiences and how much my understanding of the very important things to know while teaching English as a foreign language has been. The course has been carefully designed to contain content that does not only seek to benefit students but also content that when understood and well appreciated can bring out several personal qualities of the teacher. The structure of the units of the course have helped me personally to identify and realize specific areas of my own professional life that I had been taking for granted. I have gained a far better understanding of been systematic in my approach to both teaching and learning, which I trust will better the outcomes of all my future undertakings in respect of academic progression and teaching. I would say the course within the context of some units without any hesitation was quite difficult and complex to understand. And I would have wished that those units were given a lot more detailed explanations and examples. In all of my comments sections of those units, I clearly indicated what my thoughts were and I am certain that references can be made to those units. Regardless of those few challenges and difficulties, the comprehensive nature of the course has benefits that outweigh the challenges. It is worth noting that the video content of the various units which seem to be summaries of the units’ content, are very useful and helpful since they are presented in a more interactive and involving manner. Special mention of the units 10 and 11 which simulate a standard classroom environment and the teaching method or style of the teacher as compared in the two videos. These videos put into much clearer perspective the content of the entire course, as the attitude and teaching methods of the teacher in question was providing a clear difference in what a good teacher who understands the structure and proper procedures of the ESA should be doing and the vice versa. What benefits will experiences have if they don’t trigger the urge to delve further into the course? This brings me to what my experience will do for me as I hope to further my acquisition of proper knowledge in Teaching English as a foreign language. I see that there is more to learn as this for me is an introduction to all that is there to learn. I will certainly explore the option of studying in person in an actual class in the future with one of the many institutions accredited to the ITTT around the world. My experiences have been exciting, educative, eye opening, challenging, interesting and so much more. Above all I have learnt that there is so much more to know in the speaking of the English language and also a lot to know in order to become a good teacher of the English language.