Teach English in Chengji Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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English is a globally used universal language. It is spoken on slightly different way on different continents. Just to mention some examples: Americans, Australians, British or Scottish people speak the same English language but with different dialect. The language itself is widely utilized even in many countries, where English is not the official language of that country. During the history the language has changed due to migration of people or the change in socialization had impact in it. Simply as per the society changed during the past years the language adapted the changes and was shaped accordingly. It is a long process and in order to keep the changes under control it become obvious that there is a need for qualified English teachers. It is applicable for all languages based on Angela Oswalt wrote in Cognitive Development: Language Development Continued, that learning a language starts in the early age, from infancy. Young childhood is a determinative time for language development. The sound development of children is strongly influenced by the language they hear around them and to them. Young children have the skill to learn a wide variety of meanings, words and language structure. At this age they learn how to form or pronounce specific sounds used in their mother tongue. (For example, as Wikipedia shows the English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters. Other than this can be a Hungarian alphabet, what is an extension of Latin alphabet, consisting of 44 letters) The ability - pronouncing specific sounds - gets weaker as a child gets older, so then it can be a reason why often it is very difficult for an adult to become fluent in another language. In the language development it is important to get plenty of exposure to language such as hearing people speaking or speaking to people. If this is experienced in younger childhood then higher the possibility for the language development is more effective. As per our target language is English, native English speakers unlikely face with much difficulties, because they learn English at home from parents, their education at school is in English by native teachers. They take English language for granted. However, speaking a language doesn’t obviously mean that every native speaker is able to teach it. Generally, according to Janelle Cox: 5 teaching skills all educators should foster, there are some essential skills, what is required to be a successful teacher. This is relevant to all teachers, including English teachers too, regardless native or non native speaker the teacher is. Being patient is one of among the most important teachers’ quality. Another one is creativity in many ways. With this ability the teacher can think outside of the box, using resources to create remarkable lessons and activities also can handle discipline in the classroom. Extremely important personal skill to have as an educator is the communication skill. What the non native English speaker teacher can take advantage is that a strong empathy of difficulties of learning English as a foreign language. Living in this recent multicultural world, in where the English language is the key to join people in their private life also in the business world, there are more and more fields in life, where the advantage of English language can be used. Not all countries can afford to provide native English speaker teachers or on the side, not all student can travel to English speaking countries to learn the language. In regards of learning English, I would say that all non native English speaker teacher experienced this process of learning English as a foreign language while they were studying it. They can use this personal experience - developing English language - in teaching as an advantage. They might understand easier how difficult can be the phonology and proper pronunciation, teaching that is more difficult for them. However, it is not impossible as the spoken accent can be a way of pronouncing a language by different nations. English language has spread worldwide. It has been taught in many countries by not only native English speaking teachers too so far. Beside the native English speakers, the aspiration of the non native English speaker teachers helped the English language being spoken in lots of countries. TEFL helps in this process with that it can be a tool for spreading English by anyone who has the competencies, who owns the essential skills, who is willing to do the teaching and learns how to spread the knowledge. It will be known and recongnised by teachers’ generation and then it will be passed to the next generation and as the English language is constant, the TEFL as a tool can be commonly adapted and unified worldwide too. References: (downloaded: 03. Febr. 2020.) (downloaded: 03. Febr. 2020.) (downloaded: 03. Febr. 2020.) (downloaded: 03. Febr. 2020.)