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Topic:Learning Grammer. Grammar is one of the most taught and emphasized subjects in English teaching courses. Without a doubt, grammar is the most important structural material to speak a language as we need to speak according to the rules of a language when we are expressing ourselves, regardless of the language we are learning. Grammar is really important to this point, while looking at grammar topics, they include rules that mainly need to be memorized. Those rules tell us how we need to form sentences according to grammar rules. Grammars rules are divided in many tenses. For instance, the English grammar is split up into past tense, future tense, present continuous tense, present tense, etc. Nevertheless, grammar is not limited to these, but are few of the most basic ones. The reason grammar is split up among themselves is the tense of the sentence we want to form. For instance, when we learn grammar rules and want to form a sentence according to these rules, we need to choose the tense our sentence belongs to. Let’s suppose that you are in Manchester City, England and staying at a hotel but you forgot the number of the room you are staying in. You are going to go to the receptionist and say that you have forgotten your room number and want to learn it. There are 2 important things here. The first one is that which tense you are going to express yourself with. The second one is knowing the grammar rules of the tense you will express yourself with. If you know these two, you can form the question sentence and express yourself. As the sentence you are going to say to the receptionist is simple, you can easily use the present tense. If we say, “I forgot my room number, I want to learn my room number,” we can plainly express our problem to the other person. However, this is not enough to speak a foreign language. No matter how much we know about grammar, it is not possible to form this sentence without knowing what “room” or “number” means. Therefore, it is not possible to speak English with only knowing grammar. Why? Grammar is an integral element when we are forming a sentence to follow the grammar rules of a language. However, without vocabulary knowledge, things we can do are limited. Grammar is not helpful after a certain point for us to express ourselves clearly. We need to back it up with vocabulary knowledge. According to a research that was carried out on this matter, b1 level is seen as a level that one can speak English easily and express oneself freely. The number of words people on this level know is set forth as 2200. The more vocabulary knowledge we have on a foreign language, the easier we communicate. However, memorizing words is another issue. About memorizing words, you should research the words that are most used in the foreign language you want to learn and set a daily word limit for yourself. This number is set forth as 20 by experts. This means that setting a goal for yourself to reach 2200 words, which is the average number, by memorizing 20 words a day will increase your ability to express yourself easier. However, the biggest mistake when memorizing words is not writing them down and only speaking the words in a foreign language, for example memorizing apple by saying apple, and memorizing its meaning in this way. This will cause you problems when you have to write the word down. Another big mistake is not using the word you have memorized in a sentence. This will help you clearly understand the meaning of the words by using the word in a sentence. According to these matters, we can say that speaking English entails a certain level of vocabulary knowledge. We can also see that grammar is not enough on its own for speaking English as no matter how much we know about grammar, a word is one of the main elements of a sentence. Therefore, we need to have a good level of grammar knowledge + at least 2200 words to speak English at a nice level and express ourselves. To conclude, it is not possible to speak English with only having grammar knowledge.