Teach English in Cheqiao Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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One on one teaching is when a teacher is dedicating to teaching only one student. Their focus during that class is on one individual without any other students in the class room. There are several advantages to teaching one on one individuals and teaching groups. When working with an individual there is flexibility as a lesson doesn't have to take place in one specific setting, for instance it may happen in a quiet park, their home or a quiet classroom. In a case like this it's easy for a teacher to monitor the progress on a student, thus altering their lesson plans to suit the needs of the student. One on one teaching is effective for a student as there are close to zero distractions, which then helps them fully focus on their school work and materials. One on one teaching helps a student feel more driven as they know they cannot rely on anyone else to do their activities or work for them, therefore general dedication to work is high. Self confidence in a student is re birthed as they don't experience fear of other students laughing at them or feeling intidimated. On the other hand there is teaching groups, this is merely when a teacher has a number of 10+ students to teach. Group teaching has its benefits and disadvantages for both the student and teacher. Group teaching helps the students better high level reasoning as discussions mould students explaining and reasoning and their critical thinking skills expand during class activities and discussions. One of the most beneficial attributes about group teaching is that the students have a greater ability to view situations from others' perspective therefore advances their vocabulary, thinking capacity and pronunciation skills. Activities are much easier to create and conduct in a group teaching as compared to one on one teaching. However group teaching may prove challenging for students and the teacher as some students may be timid, and shy away from participating in class thus making it difficult for a teacher to establish if there is an understanding or not on material or during a lesson. Groups may put a teacher under a challenging predicament as in some instances a student may miss class due to unforseen circumstances but a teacher will have to carry on with a lesson either way and having to get that student who missed the class to catch up may prove difficult. One on one teaching and group teaching also varies in activities done with a student. When dealing with one to one classes a teacher will give a student an activity that focuses on the study area in an ESA activity. Getting a student to work on the engaging aspect is a little harder as they would need to work with the teacher thus the activity may not have as much effect as it should. Group activities include pair work and far more fun and interesting activities for students which creates rapport and capturing the students' attention. For example role plays which help the students with their self confidence when speaking the language and they can better their pronunciation skills from talking more. The teacher cab create far more ESA activities to easily establish the difficulties the different students face. In a nutshell both one on one teaching and group teaching are effective and it's essential for teachers to find a balance where they have one on one's with students if they get group classes and it's important to have a student interact in a group or have activities that are group based to increase their interaction, enhance their pronunciation and speaking skills. Teachers should be able to adapt to either one of these classes as different students have different requirements. Knowing how to handle both one on one teaching and group teaching makes for an effective teaching that will present positive results from students.