Teach English in Dadong Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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My interest in teaching started immediately I graduated from college. I had a turning point in my career when I met my Academic Adviser. She introduced me to the teaching world, inspired me and ignited my passion for teaching. She advised that if I can teach kids and they understand, I can teach anyone with different learning ability. She groomed me and gave me the tools necessary to have successful teaching skills. My first teaching experience taught me that teaching required a lot of patience, care, love and commitments. Teaching can be a demanding profession. It was awfully difficult for me to figure out what I should do for each day, but as time went by, the process got a little bit easier, and I started getting more creative with the lessons and as well, I discovered my hidden potentials. I felt elated, teaching learners who seek for knowledge. I made my lessons learners’ centered and more interesting so that slow learners will have better understanding of each topics treated, and by extension, I always go out of my way to cater for other learners who doesn’t show forth interest in learning by making my class very interactive and lively. I got my first employment in a primary school where I taught learners, who were unable to read, write and communicate effectively. I was placed on three months’ probation, to know how dedicated and fit I was for the job. I taught the learners with great love and enthusiasm. They excelled in their exams that year. Their improvement was very commendable and so my head teacher, haven seen my passion for teaching, and positive outcome /results, which reflected on the learners performance that session, I was made a class teacher and coordinator in my school. Later on, I relocated to Lagos, Western Nigeria. I was recommended by my head teacher to a preschool. I taught the kids with keen interest. I used Montessori Method of teaching in the kindergarten, where students were able to do their work independently with little or no assistance. I motivated kids by praising them whenever they do a good work and in a timely manner. I gave stickers, high fives and most interestingly, I was dispelling bubbles to the overall winner. I also tutored students from other schools who were performing poorly in class and they are gradually making remarkable progress in their academics. Presently, I had an appointment to teach Chilean students English language. It was quite difficult because I had no knowledge of Spanish and we were advised to speak 100% English language. Although, teaching English to non-speaking indigene is quite challenging but it availed me the opportunity to add positive values to people’s life and indirectly improve the society at large positively. One thing that drives me so much in this quest of teaching the English language is, whenever, I have the opportunity to teach English, I do it with great pleasure, passion, and determination because when I see that the students are able to communicate effectively, there my joy is found. My philosophy in life however is, helping people to grow and give them basic necessities of life (education) in other to have a meaningful existence, so that they can be able to boldly compete with their peers. After a week of intense orientation, I was assigned to a public school with the guidance of the Regional Representative and Head Teacher. These were the following steps I took that made an indelible mark in the lives of Chilean students and members of staff alike. The first week was my observation week. I attended all English classes in a week and took notes on where to improve their interest for English language. I made my classroom management rules and did some gestures for better understanding. I ensured that all the students understood the rules and gave assessment to evaluate their progress and checked for proper understanding. I always refer them to the rules whenever they violate it. I kept check on their behavior in class by having a behavioral chart on the wall of the classroom so they are aware of how far they have progressed and each week the best gets a reward. This method was very effective because student likes competition and tried their best to win a prize at the end of the week. I had my colored cards (green, yellow and reds), used to keep their behavior on check. Green represents good job, yellow is my warning card while red card is penalty card (a point will be deducted on the student score board). Whenever, they express themselves in Spanish, even though I understood what they meant to an extent, I pretended I don’t understand, they went to their class teacher for translation, this method helped them to speak English often. I established a healthy relationship with learners by teaching them with great concern through the use of interactive teaching styles that encouraged learner’s active participation which made over 90% of the learners to excel in both their internal and external examinations. My years of experience as a teacher had helped me reach out to a new generation of underprivileged children who had been abandoned by the system and in some cases, even their parents. These kids are in dire need of education, real guidance and care. Therefore, I placed myself in their situations and lifting up their minds, to build a better and brighter future. This, indeed, is one of my passions in life as I gave my best in what I do and make sure I leave a positive and delectable impact on the learners for a better future. My greatest motivation is when I see the academic excellence of my learners whom I have taught in the past and how far they have gone in life progressively.