Teach English in DongshuAnggou Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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In the world of English teaching, teachers travel far and wide to teach English to those who have a different first language. Some may be trained educators but others may just be starting out or they have a certification in teaching English. Whatever their nationality may be or their intentions for wanting to teach English, teachers should always ensure that they give their utmost best in the classroom. A good grasp of the language is always a strong point but English teachers should also have other personal qualities that will ensure that the lessons are of good quality and the students are always learning and enjoying themselves in the process. I believe four such qualities include (1) being organized and prepared, (2) being approachable and kind, (3) having a great imagination and finally (4) having patience. I believe an organized teacher will always keep the attention of the students better than a teacher who is not as prepared in the classroom. Many might not agree, but students can definitely tell when a teacher is not well prepared and this can lead them to not have as much respect for the teacher because they may believe that the teacher does not care about them and in essence, does not care about the lesson either. A kind teacher will almost always have a better lesson than one who comes off as unapproachable. Students of English, especially those who are just beginning, want to be able to approach their teachers if they do not understand a section of the lesson or if they need clarification on a particular topic. When a teacher is kind and approachable, students will feel comfortable knowing that they won’t be criticized or reprimanded or feel embarrassed if they do happen to need some assistance from the teacher. Most times, it is already nerve-racking to speak up in a classroom setting, especially if the language is one they are unfamiliar with. Therefore, knowing that the teacher is always willing to help is a great bonus for the students. Having patience is also very integral when it comes to teaching a new language to someone. Students often times don’t understand a lesson being taught the first time around. Teachers will need to exercise patience in the classroom as they will often find themselves having to explain a topic a few times and ensuring that all the students understand before moving on to a different topic. The final personal quality that I believe is important for an English teacher is having a great imagination. Being creative in the classroom is definitely integral for a good lesson. Students, especially those who are younger, usually are learning English language as a result of their parents. This means that sometimes, they wish not to be in the classroom and feel that they could be spending their time doing something more fun and something that they like. With a creative teacher in the classroom, the lesson can not only be informative but it can also be fun for the students as well. If the students are having fun, it will be an all around better experience for everyone. A great imagination can turn a topic or conversation into something very interesting for the students and such creativity can also assist in helping the students to retain the knowledge even better. With these four qualities, in addition to a good grasp of the language and a willingness to guide students to becoming better, many students will be interested in learning English and they will put out more effort in the classroom.