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When a child is in the womb of the mother, it is said that he/she interacts with the vibrations of the external surroundings. The baby finds a rhythm in the daily ongoing routine of the mother’s womb and here with small tunes, gentle songs, little music and, small stories that the mother listens to, the womb feeds the baby its first glimpse into this world of chaos. Children in this world find that reality today is abundantly filled with so much to worry about, demurring their elated, innocently attained perception. Technological advances with the rise of digitization do not further help but push them more into this endless abyss of reality, creating misinformation, and everything could be quite troubling to the mind of a growing child. Reading and learning are the founding principles of functioning in society today. Reading appropriate matter gives the mind an ability to eloquently grow, feeding it creative ideas and developing the psycho-motor skills of a child by affluently helping them to learn to listen. Every time we read to a child we cajole the mind to find pleasure in the very basic points of loving nature, being amiable and recognizing the fruitfulness of what this earth that we live in has to offer, arousing upon the importance to preserve the vastness of its culture for the future generations. Reading helps to develop the cognitive abilities of a child which is not innately present but can be imbibed. It helps to analyse and interact, to learn better, be elated and to function lucidly, understanding the social situation presented by any incident, and by not altering his/her individualistic artistic capabilities. Reading has a great impact on a child’s mind and helps the mind to associate itself with the real ongoing situations of the world and can instill qualities in a child, like kindness, love for nature, empathy for other living creatures, which are the very basic rooted points that sometimes great leaders lack today. It helps in decision-making by not changing the innately acquired quality of being an individualistic personality. We need to read and research to help build on the good ideas and let the children have an understanding of the bad and what could be the best way to make everything a good learning experience. With immense learning experience starting at home, the parents are the first teacher of children! Every child today has augmented memories of their first book as a baby and lullabies that the parents sing before the child goes to bed. Especially when they are young, your child will value what you value, so placing importance on the frequency of reading will give the child great pleasure in enjoying the whole experience to absorb what they read. Helping them to supersede the constant fear of competition and providing with an implacable, energetic, arcane knowledge of the mysteries of the universe, is what appropriate literature does. Children are like clay ready to be molded, so the parents will have to make space to see that they have a little time to give their child to make reading a fun experience. As the child copies the parents often unknowingly, by just making small gestures of sharing thoughts of how they (the parents) themselves felt about the joys of reading, the awesome books that they were exposed to, could be a great idea of motivating the young minds. What is important to you will be important to the child too! With this regular practice of having fun with reading, the child will feel the same joy that he/she feels when they go out and play with friends or watch a screen with pictures or movies. Reading aloud presents books as a source of entertainment and a pleasant, exciting experience which cannot be coerced. Once this joy sets in there would be no turning back. Everything that comes genuinely without forcing stays as an enlightening experience within us, when it is an inbuilt process of stimulating the mind, it becomes an immense source of discovery and it mesmerizes the young mind with creative ideas. This could be the best way to brazen them and let children know of the fun they could have with equally fun books, stories, accommodated with literature. This helps to develop leadership qualities of delegation which empowers them to discover the vestiges of distinctive sentient cultures. Reading also gives them great communication skills and makes them passionate, and helps to be imaginative, which are the qualities that great leaders need today so rightfully we can say that readers are leaders. With everything going on in this world today children have important lessons to teach us about learning and language. They can also enlighten us by sharing their experiences of human culture and challenge our thoughts with their ideas of discovering language and people. To prepare to learn, we need to arm the children with an immense love for books so that they can absorb and let the mind ajar to the very essence of what could heal this experience of living on this planet, to make this world a better place.