Teach English in Guanzhen Zhen - Huai'an Shi

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Learning Teaching Skills: How important is it to learn Teaching Skills? Answer: Knowledge they say is power, and obviously the absence of the right skills set and knowledge of a subject can be very detrimental to a whole community of people, starting with self. Ignorance in almost every case cannot be an excuse to failure or the misleading of people, in this case students who trust and believe in the teachings of the teacher. There is a clear distinction between acquiring knowledge or been knowledgeable in a subject area and the ability to transfer or teach this knowledge to some other person or group of persons. For which reason learning the skills and art of teaching is not limited to only the people who are not knowledgeable but also for the people who are knowledgeable. During my period of studying this course, I have learnt that I was not as equipped for teaching as I thought I was. I was challenged by the many concepts that were deeply discussed and thought and so now have a much better appreciation for the need to get more knowledge in the area of teaching English as a foreign language to young learners. I would say that I have become far more conscious of the benefits and needs for a strategic and proper approach to the art of teaching, especially when it comes to young learners of varied cultural backgrounds and ages as well as nationalities. In my little experience I can say confidently that children trust the words and actions of their teachers even more than that of their parents. This is because they believe that the teacher is maybe the epitome of knowledge, and maybe also because they are mostly thought by the teacher and in all cases corrected by the teacher when they are wrong. The teacher therefore owes it to the students to learn and have the best of skills and knowledge of practices that will help the student in their encounter with the teacher. What better way is there to gather all of these skills than to engage with one of the best available places(ITTT). I would not have attempted to measure my knowledge in the area of teachings skills prior to taking this course. But I am very certain now that at every step of my career progression, I will have the fundamental tools by which I can access myself and make provisions to improve my art of teaching by acquiring more skills. By my personal account and submission, I would say that it is incumbent on every teacher, to seek to improve upon their own knowledge of teaching skills, implore them therefore in their everyday work life and improve upon them as they grow. It would be exciting to have mentioned a few of the teaching skills knowledge that I have gathered but for the purpose of this task, I will limit myself to speaking to the general benefits and merits of acquiring very good teaching skills. Which will complement perfectly the wealth of knowledge that is already available to the teacher in providing excellent results or outcomes to the student. Off the top of my mind as I write this is a brief recap of unit headings that I found particularly intriguing and worth noting. Unit 4- materials, Unit 3 –course development and unit 5-teaching themes.