Teach English in HuilongshAn Zhen - Huanggang Shi

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In this summative task I would like to talk about my past experiences teaching ESL in Thailand and Russia over the past 4 years and the valuable lessons I have learned from this.   I have been a full-time teacher working in Phuket for the last 4 years with a period of 6 months spent teaching in Moscow. I have taught a range of students from early learners to adults of different nationalities.   I first moved to Thailand in 2015 after I had finished my university studies. During my first year in Phuket, I found employment teaching in a Thai kindergarten and primary school but with no previous experience, I learned a lot from watching other teachers and reading online. It is safe to say that at first I was not a very competent teacher and did not actually consider teaching as a fulltime profession.    After a few months teaching at the kindergarten I then found employment teaching at a language school where I began to teach multilingual adult students. This school was the largest chain of language schools in Thailand and provided a completely different experience to teaching early learners. This is where I began to see how rewarding being a teacher can be by watching my students grow with confidence as they started to improve in their ability to speak in English. Also the lasting rapport which I built with students from different countries helped me to build valuable social skills.   The method of teaching used in this school was the direct method which I found to very useful for beginners to pick up vocabulary and sentence structure very quickly but lacks when students progress to higher levels in their creativity when speaking.    Whilst teaching at the language school I was able to pick up private 1-1 students which took me into special groups teaching. After a few years the language school shut down but luckily enough I was already transitioning into being a self-employed private teacher with the 1-1 lesson and online lessons.   I gained valuable experience with scheduling and marketing myself as a teacher, nowadays there has been a boom in the online teaching market which can be more financially rewarding than working for a school.   In late 2018 I moved to Moscow to teach in a language school for 6 months this gave me a lot of new challenges and experiences and allowed me to grow as a teacher traveling and experiencing a new culture. At present, I teach a pre-school student which is where my passion for teaching lies at the moment the quote that says teaching children is most rewarding is true as you can watch and see the children grow with their English as it comes more naturally for them at that age.   In conclusion, I feel that there is not one method of teaching that fits all this is why the ESA method was invented, being fully prepared before the lesson with lesson plans and material is a must as you can land yourself in trouble if you’re not prepared. You should also always keep evolving as a teacher staying up to date on teaching methods and course materials. You should never be afraid to ask for advice from more experienced teachers if you have problems.