Teach English in DaijiAchang Zhen - Jingzhou Shi

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What are the Roles of the Teacher? Teacher plays a vital role in imparting knowledge, social, emotional, and physical development of the students or learners. For me, being a teacher is the most challenging and rewarding profession. Challenging in the sense that I really need to make sure how to focus and balance the different learning needs of my students. Every student comes from different walks of life. It takes patience, determination, dedication, passion and the ability to do more with less. Each child is unique and almost everything about being a teacher is extremely hard. Sometimes, I notice that some students no matter how well motivated, how hard they work, how hard I work in teaching them still they can't make it. As a role model, I need to find ways and solutions, use another techniques and strategies to help them. This profession demands wide knowledge of subject matter and lesson, curriculum and standards, enthusiasm , kind and caring attitude most especially to the young learners , knowledge of discipline and classroom management, techniques and great desire to make a difference in the lives of the students. I need to motivate them and develop thier ability to learn every step of the way. Teacher as a multifaceted profession , I can be a mother who will love and take care of them while their parents are not around. Talk with the parents about their children's performance , progress ,development and misbehaviour if there is any. Make sure that the learning environment is conducive for learning , the classroom are well lighted and ventilated for the children. Plan activities that promote physical , social, and intellectual growth of students. Playing games outside the four corners of the classroom can help them socialize with other students, encourage them to join contest or any activities that can boost their confidence . Help them to enhance their study habits, enculcate them the importance of studying not just in school but also at home, this habit can improve their academic performance. Maintains the cleanliness and orderliness of the classroom records, books,learning materials, visual aids, even their tables and chairs. Let them practice healthy habits like washing their hands before and after eating. Brush their teeth after eating, take a bath everyday and change their school uniform. Impose discipline, encourage the children to be friendly at all times. I should tell them to respect their elders especially their parents, teachers, classmates, friends and even to strangers. Bullying and teasing other children are not allowed inside and outside the school. With these students values and characters are develop to make them a better person. Another role of the teacher is to plan, develop and implement appropriate curriculum. Teacher should never stop learning, attends seminars, trainings, do some research for the betterment of the students. Maintae regular communication with parents and guardians regarding school activities, programs and meetings. Students are creative by nature as a teacher I need to guide,help and let their creativity be heard and acknowledge. It will help them to be more confident. As a part of their training , I will teach my students to solve and find ways about their problems independently. I play an important role to my students , their experience with me can literally make or break his/ her interest in education and learning. My role is just not limited to teaching lessons. I need to socialize and interact with them. They often go through separation anxiety , their mind are not fully aware of what they will face, how they should act or behave in school. I need to understand the emotions and feelings. The education that they acquire from me is the key to determining the future of my students. It cannot be denied that teaching is challenging yet a rewarding career. I have the best job and I love it.